Any one here work in an ER that was featured on a Discovery show? - page 3

Any of the shows like Resident life or Trauma: Life in the ER? That would be so cool.... Read More

  1. by   kids
    A couple of years ago some episodes or "Trauma: Life in the ER" were filmed at the hospital where nilepoc (Mod of the CRNA forum) was working. As I recall the filming was not done on his shifts.

    My youngest sustained a head injury in 1997 and was life flighted to Emanual Hospital in Portland, OR. A couple of years later he saw the episodes filmed there and was pretty tickled when I pointed out that *his* trauma doc was featured (he has no memory of the 48 hrs preceding the accident or the week following). I found it amusing in an evil way that one of the patients followed on the episode was a former friend's husband. He had been shot in the face by police, he survived and served time for the crime that led to the shooting.