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  1. sleepless in norman

    What is a missile wound?

    It is usually referenced to as a penetrating wound caused by an object being propelled, as a GSW,"missle wound" would be to misunderstood, be more descriptive.
  2. sleepless in norman

    Who is your Favorite TV or Movie nurse?

    Rick Thompson, who played the ER nurse in "Rise And Walk: The Dennis Byrd Story."
  3. sleepless in norman

    The Oklahoma Board of Nursing does it again

    A very good human being took his life by lacerating his carotids/trachea with a hunting knife, outside his exwife's home, two weeks ago. This after battleing with Demoral addiction, he had done everything the OBN requested of him, he relapsed and the OBN revoked his license and reported him to the OIG, this inturn took his life. And I ask you why, this was/is a very well liked man, once married to the most beautifull nurse in the area with children, this was his first relapse, why destroy his career. I knew him both in and out of and out of nursing, and in the program, he's honest, very serious about recovery, this was a guy who could have any girl he wanted, I don't understand. It frieghtens me that a man like this, with so many attributes, could take his own life. Your in my prayers JK.
  4. sleepless in norman

    Schwarzenegger Says Nurses are "Set Dressing"

    I disagree with any discrediting of the nursing profession, however, I've never seen any nursing group agree on any one issue and carry it through to a national solution, such as low pay, inappropriate nurse/pt ratio, lessoning power of the BON.
  5. sleepless in norman


    I am from Paso Robles, came here dto go to College on a Indian Grant, I've been stuck here since 2002, don't even thnk about coming to Oklahoma, the state sux, poor economy, poor working conditions, archaic laws, stay in a progressive- advanced state, one with realistic ideas of how people should be treated, I'm leaving this state as soon as I get my child support matters takern care of, RN for 17yrs. Good Luck.
  6. sleepless in norman

    Oklahoma Nurses

    Is Judy P. still practicing there? Is Darla still the Manager? Sure miss working with Elkins.
  7. sleepless in norman

    Need Job Advice..

    I began as a Orderlie, then EMT, then Paramedic, and last RN. I became highly skilled and was able to finance my education, working my way up, so to speak, made each step up easier. Be totally honest with your employer, they will appreciate it and so will your profession.
  8. One ICU manager was caught by an elder housekeeper, with the nurse recruiter, in his office, on his desk, in a very precarious situation. Terminated. I heard about this the next day at a hospital 20 miles away from the hospital this occured in, from several nurses on my shift. s with wolves
  9. In my entire 17yrs, I've only seen nurses terminated for drug abuse, one for diverting Toradol.
  10. sleepless in norman

    Marijuana for everyone!

    This country will never legalize something that fuels its criminal prosecution system, even with legalisation, MJ stays in your system too long (28-33 days) certain Bible toating states would have a field day with field testing, imagine the amount of revenue generated for Public Intox/ DUI. s with wolves
  11. sleepless in norman

    Background Checks

    Follow the advice of your attorney, keep your past just that, your past, the more your ask advice outside of your legal counsel, the more people know of your, your past then becomes your present and future, get it.
  12. sleepless in norman

    Can diastolic be higher than systolic?

    Wouldn't that make the diastolic, the systolic, therefore, then the systolic would be the diastolic and the nurse who asked this question submitting to a SUDS.:rotfl:
  13. sleepless in norman

    Ethical Debate - HIV+ Nurses

    It never ceases to amaze me, the never ending supply of Good Deed Do'ers on this site, I know a female nurse who was infected by a needle stick, drawing ABG's, the attending and all other ER personell became aware of this pt's status and who got stuck, before long the entire hospital knew, she quit, I haven't heard from her or about her, only to know, this was her right to privacy, she had to uproot her entire familly,the unethical behavior of Society as a whole is not one to be trusted with personal knowlege such as this, and as far as this government's agencies coming to your aid such as the american disabilities union, don't hold your breath, try filing unemploymnet or wokrers comp and see how long you stand in the soup line berfore your first check, if you get one. As far as your personal or political career as a civil rights advocate or a careing human being, good luck with that, purely on a ethical basis.
  14. sleepless in norman

    NC Nurse Legislation March 17th, 2005

    Well, yet another state to stay clear of, North Corolina,hmmmm. 's with wolves
  15. sleepless in norman

    allnurses mentioned in AJN and it ain't flattering

    In the state of oklahoma, the particitpation of the nurse in both preparation and injection of the unfortunate human being to be put to death, is well documented and talked about within the state medical community, these people are proud to be apart of their so called hand in the cessation of a human life, one so deemed not worthy of life by the oklahoma society, a society so engorged with corruption that thousands of companys are pulling out of, a society where the states attny. general englufes his time with lawsuits of other states and of this nations most successfull companies, " Come To Oklahoma On Vacation, Leave On Probation."
  16. sleepless in norman

    Trauma Orthopedics in Seattle poetry

    Great poem, I worked in Seattle in 90-92 as a traveling nurse, at Sweedicsh,Harborview and University, wish I hadn't left. Is Ray's Boathouse still there and Lafernos and The Tide Water and The Menie Tower, played in a tennis tournament on Bambridge Island during the Rhoderun festival at the same base "An Officer And A Gentleman" was filmed.