Any Advice????

  1. I am a recent RN grad who is extremely stressed to the point of my hair falling out!! I work in the NICU and am really wondering 'What have I done?" I go to work stressed, come home stressed and find it almost impossible to switch my brain off. The realization that I am totally responsible for another persons life has just caught up with me.

    Im wondering if others have felt this way, whether this is because of the area I work or if Im just not cut out for nursing.

    Id appreciate any input and ideas of an area I could work where I could keep my hair!!

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  3. by   GingerSue
    have you considered trying a different area of nursing?

    I wouldn't jump to the conclusion that you are not cut out for nursing.
  4. by   tnbutterfly
    NICU can be a very overwhelming place to work, especially as a new grad. Working with "little ones" might not be the place for you right now. I would not give up on yourself just yet as far as your nursing career. Maybe you would be less stressed working med-surg for awhile.

    Hang in there!!
  5. by   Soneshine
    YES! I felt this way, especially right after getting my first job and being on my own (without my preceptor). I had so much anxiety that I wondered the same thing as you.....are these feelings normal and am I cut out for nursing? Please try to remember there is a huge learning curve and it might take you a while to feel more comfortable. Are your co-workers/managers supportive? This is very important!! If they're not, I would consider a change in unit?? Remember to ask a lot of questions and know that you have resources available to help if you need them. It does get better I promise. Just be patient with yourself and be realistic about being new. I am a nurse with with almost a year behind my belt and sometimes still have questions- this is okay and it does get better!!! Keep your spirits on the tops shelf!!
  6. by   leslie :-D
    i've read a couple of stories on this bb, about new-grad, nicu nurses.
    the first few months were pretty hairy, but both reported feeling much better after that time frame.

    maybe if you posted your question in critical care nsg, they have a nicu forum.

    best of everything to you.
    you will do fine.
    give it time.
    and deep breaths.

  7. by   Tweety
    Hang in there, it does get better. New grads typically feel overwhelmed and stressed. Take care of yourself first and foremost.
  8. by   Yitta17
    Get yourself together . Your feeling is in order. you'll overcome it by
    subdueing whatever feeling of insecurity you think exist. if it means carrying your textbooks to work do that.success awaits you by the corner ,do not despair.
  9. by   deeDawntee
    What you are experiencing is so normal and actually a good sign that you are taking your responsibility seriously. When I am feeling insecure at work (we all do at times, even us old-timers) I remind myself of all the resources available to me. There are always great coworkers around to ask questions of or to check out a situation. And don't think it is only the newbies that do this, we do it all the time with each other, it is always good to get someone else's point of view, no matter how long you've been around. So, when I am going into work, thinking that it is going to be just me faced with this very sick patient, I have to remind myself that it isn't true at all... There is an entire team of people that I can access for support if I need it. You are not alone.

    Do you recognize when you may need help with a situation with one of your patient's? I would bet that you do, otherwise you wouldn't be on your own! Have faith in yourself and your team. You CAN do this. See yourself as a success and you will be. Imagine the best (not the worst) and the best will happen for you!

    you can do it!
  10. by   ann945n
    I feel the EXACT same way. I am a new nurse myself and am sooo stressed out when I come home thinking I just did everything wrong and hurt everyone. I find that getting into an activity right after work is great! Get your mind off work at night, read a book, do some knitting, visit with friends. This way I can fall asleep again at night.
  11. by   everthesame
    I worked in NICU for about a year. I left because I was to the point I was stressed out just thinking about going to work. There are many wonderful things about working in the NICU but I just always felt a lack of confidence that I rarely experienced in other areas I have worked. I had a great performance review and glowing peer evaluations, but I just never shook the feeling that I was going to make an error or miss an early sign that something was going wrong with one of my babies.
    You say you are a recent grad. If you just started in the NICU this summer, you really should try to give it some more time. I worked with other new to the NICU nurses who felt overwhelmed those first few months. Now you wouldn't know it. They have gained that confidence that can only come with experience.
    Have you talked to your manager about your stress level? I bet you would not be the first nurse that has come to them feeling this way. Maybe they can help you figure out what it is you need to feel more comfortable in your NICU position.
    Even if you do decide NICU isn't for you, please don't assume that you are not cut out for nursing. There are so many different areas of nursing that you are bound to find an area you do like. When I left NICU, I transferred to a post surgical unit and I now love going to work again.
    Whether you do stay in the NICU or decide to go somewhere else, I hope you find peace.