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  1. by   nursepotter05
    I'm a lefty too! I always kid that I need to apply for handicapped license :chuckle
  2. by   nursepotter05
    Quote from midnightRN
    I'm a lefty too. When I worked in a factory years ago, everything was set up for right handed individuals, so I can do quite a bit with my right hand after working there 5 years. Happy Easter. Sincerely, Anna
    I worked in a factory for eight years, and I can relate! One night I was asked to help a fellow lefty who was orienting with a particular task. I start to show him how and realize I do this RIGHT HANDED! :chuckle :uhoh21:
    It is amazing how many things we have to adapt to or do right handed!
  3. by   stidget99
    I write lefty...ambidextrous in everything else.
  4. by   camay1221_RN
    Quote from LowPaidNurse0000
    Lefty here too, but I golf right handed, play soft-ball right handed oh! and I kick a ball with my left foot! I am so messed up! LMAO!!
    Hey, that sounds kind of like me!!!

    I am dominantly right handed, write with my write, bowl with my write, bat and golf with my right. However, I throw a ball and shoot darts with my left. I am capable, though not neatly, of writing with my left, and I can hold an eating utensil in either hand to eat! Could explain my weight problem!:chuckle I kick with my left foot.

    I tried taking an American Sign Language course in college, and the instructor kept giving me grief about switching hands while trying to sign.
  5. by   suzanne4
    ME, ME, ME, too!
  6. by   Rhonda flame Rt Rn
    I am a lefty, but have learned to do some minor things with my right.
  7. by   BeachNurse
    LEFTY here!

    Cutting, throwing, kicking...right. Everything else left, including "eye" for mircroscopes and cameras.
  8. by   ProfRN4
    i'm a lefty too. so is my dad, and my daughter. i basically do everything w/ my left hand. i find it difficult to do nursing things in the 'wrong side' of the bed. i either rearrange the bed/crib (to get on the right [correct] side), or i'll turn the kid (if it's a baby) the other way!!!
  9. by   Butch
    I'm guilty of being a lefty also. Growing up in basically a right handed world, I have learned to do a lot of things with my right hand. If I tried to bowl with my left hand, I would be knocking down the pins 2 lanes over from where I was. Now when I use a pair of scissors, I need to use a right handed pair, but must use my left hand! Go figure! I feel more comfortable checking for a pulse with my right hand.
  10. by   hcrn2005
    Quote from jaimemds
    lefty also. What fun it was having a right handed instructor trying to teach me to give injections!!!! What a sight. i finally gave up and learned to do it right handed.

    I know that feeling....I have the awfulest time finding landmarks I hate to give IM injections.
  11. by   AKAKatydid
    Quote from camay1221_RN
    I tried taking an American Sign Language course in college, and the instructor kept giving me grief about switching hands while trying to sign.
    Me Too! I'm 100% lefty, but I had the worst trouble understanding stuff and figuring out how to make it "backwards" in sign language. To this day, I sign some words with my left hand, and some with my right... Whatta mess!

  12. by   daisybaby
    Me too. I write, golf, bat, and give injections lefty, but use scissors, target shoot, and open doors righty.

    In high school my twin (who's a righty) and I both played outfield. Coach could only tell us apart by which hand our glove was on!
  13. by   RainDreamer
    I'm a lefty too!!

    I do almost everything with my left-hand, except use scissors!! I hated it when I was in elementary and we'd do a project, the teacher would pass out the scissors and say "all of you left-handers raise your hand", so I would raise my hand. Then she would give us left-handed scissors. Ok it was not very easy cutting with my right hand using left-handed scissors

    But everything else I do left-handed. And I'm "left-eared" too. I can only talk on the phone with the phone up to left ear, I never can have it up to my right ear!