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Dear Nurses, I have been a member here since September 2001, and have been treated with such respect and courtesy each time I communicate with someone on the All Nurses Discussion sites. It's... Read More

  1. by   Love-A-Nurse
    with all the diversity here, it is a unique and special place to be.

    how are you renee? it is good to see a ing face.:kiss
  2. by   hapeewendy
    good to see you back round these parts!
    I hope the new year has found you well and that this is a great year for you
    I also agree that allnurses has been a valuable nursing resource for me personally and the advice and support I have gotten here is priceless....
    on a personal note , I find it amazing that I have met so many wonderful nurses, but more importantly friends, peole that I can share non nursing "stuff" with ...
    so yes, thanks to everyone for making allnurses such a wonderful site
    each person brings something new ineresting and important to the table here...
  4. by   Glad2behere
    OK Renee,

    That's sweet.....SO, what do you really want?

    C'mon, just tell us, your among friends!
  5. by   nursedawn67
    I found this is a great place to hang!!!
  6. by   thatldo

    You are one of the reasons I decided to go into nursing school!
    Isn't that crazy? When I was laid off back in Oct. after being a travel agent for 13years, I was needless to say so freaked out about a midlife career change. Since I'm a caretaker for my husband who has numerous medical problems, I thought well I might as well check into nursing.

    And check I did, through this board, I've learned more about the ups & downs in this field that I thought imaginable. And nothing I read scared me away, in fact it reconfirmed my decision to go to nursing school.

    I found this site also in Oct. and was so impressed w/everyone and learned soooo much about this field. More so than just discussing it w/nurses themselves directly.
    I can't tell you how much this board has meant to me either. Its been like a GOD send. Yes sometimes the posts can be rather disturbing to read, but you have to read the bad to appreciate the good. And Renee you are one of the good.

    True I don't know you, but from I've read of your posts, I respect you and know your a woman of great faith who practices this in her daily walk. As an example is this thread that you started yourself so you could express your feelings and give thanks.

    You are a good example Renee, & I wanted to let you know that you have touched me directly in confirming my decision to become a nurse.. awww, I sound kind of sappy don't I?
    Oh well, I hope to hear from you more often in this board, you are again a wonderful inspiration to me and just wanted to share this with you.

  7. by   zudy
    Wow, thatldo. that is great!! Welcome!! Renee, look what you did! Missed you Renee, how is your new job? How was the move? Give us the scoop!
  8. by   mageean
    The only problem with this site is that it is truly ADDICTIVE!!!. giving up smoking is easier
  9. by   Sleepyeyes
    Originally posted by mageean
    The only problem with this site is that it is truly ADDICTIVE!!!.
    but in a nursing-mental-health kinda way....
    so this addiction, I'll keep
    I've learned so much and made some new friends
    renee ROCKS!!
  10. by   stevierae
    Renee, I had to perform a search of your name because Iwas worried; had not seen your posts in so long--I was very relieved when I saw a "Cheerfuldoer"post dated 1/10!! Welcome back! I missed you!
  11. by   semstr
    hey guys, didn't you notice Renee posted this in 2002...............
  12. by   live4today
    Originally posted by semstr
    hey guys, didn't you notice Renee posted this in 2002...............
    Yes, Renee...even though this was posted one year ago, I still feel the same. I don't know who brought it back this month for you all to read wasn't me.........but THANKS to whomever did it because I still feel the same this year about Allnurses as I did one year ago! :kiss

    The ups...the downs...the all arounds...LIFE feels good when I visit these parts for comfort, for friendship, for laughter, a little crying, lots of support, and so much love and caring.

    ALLNURSES............WE ROCK!!! :kiss

    I still don't have my own home computer yet, so I've got 20 minutes left on this library computer to say what I've got to say, so..............

    I love you guys and gals! All is going well with me. The budget is very very tight, but God has provided and met all of my needs somehow. I give him all the praise and exhalt His Holy Name forever and ever!

    I start orientation at the hospital tomorrow, so won't be back to the library to read emails until next Saturday, so bear with me a little longer. I soooooooooooo miss my home computer.

    In due time, I'll be back!!!

    Much love everyone! See ya all next weekend! :kiss

  13. by   cargal
    I missed you too! Glad to see you back.

    Btw, does anyone elses family treat them like allnurses is an imaginary friend to be indulged with?