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A sincere Thank You to everyone who took the time to post a response to my earlier post concerning my nonexistent orientation. Unfortunately I have expressed my concerns only to be rebuffed by my... Read More

  1. by   rnor
    Huggietoes...I agree with everyone else...GET OUT OF THERE! I work in a similar situation but not as bad as yours seems to be..!
    Good luck...let us know what happens...
  2. by   RNinICU
    Please listen to the advice being given here by all of your friends. This work environment will burn you out in no time. There are many places that will provide you with a proper orientation, and preceptors who really want to teach. Get out before it's too late.
  3. by   thisnurse
    you cant wait until your mgr comes back. dont worry bout going over her head...she obviously isnt worried about you....or your patients.

    as for someone putting their hand in your face and telling you they dont have time...BULLSHYT...dont put up with that. i had someone stick their face RIGHT in mine. i told her straight up that if she had a problem with me or my work then she should take it up with the the meantime, get the he11 out of my face. and i walked away. standing up to them is not easy, especially when you are all alone but its something you have to learn to do or you will never gain their respect.
    i wouldnt accept another assignment until i got this orientation issue straightened out with mgmt. you might be putting yourself in a very dangerous position.
  4. by   huggietoes
    I am going to personnel on Monday and asking for a transfer to another floor. I know I am going to receive backlash because they (meaning the unit I am working on) will take it personally that I am leaving them shortstaffed. They have in the past been known to block transfers, sometimes for several months out of spite. I am hopeful that they will let me go. I feel, for the most part, that when I request my transfer that I leave out the nitty, gritty details of my slip-shod orientation as I have heard from others that told the truth, that there are repercussions, as the nurses on the ICU unit are seen as 'sacred cows' at this facility. My only fear is that since I am still on orientation, they could just as easily terminate me as give me my transfer. Thanks for all the advice. WISH ME LUCK!
  5. by   adrienurse
    Now I don't know your employers, but I doubt that anyone could fire you on the basis of you're not being able to di ICU without any training. If anyone's gonna terminate you-- this is yet another reason why you should not be working in that hospital! The RN's in ICU and their feelings are none of your concern, they didn't seem the least bit concerned about you. If you transfer to another unit without letting the powers that be know why -- they are going to remain clueless about what's actually going on in that ICU -- and how toxic it is for new staff. In actuality, you will be resonsible for the same problems continueing and the next poor sucker being treated the same way as you. Thing about that.

    Congratulations on requesting a transfer!
  6. by   live4today
    Originally posted by NurseDennie
    Yep - I agree. Cut your losses and git.


    Dennie...stop picking your nose, gosh darn it! :spin:
  7. by   JeannieM
    Huggietoes, there are better places to be (I work at one!). I also agree that this facility does not deserve someone such as you. Hopefully your departure will enlighten them to the atmosphere that they are creating for new nurses. You need to be nurtured and supported. Keep in touch with us at Allnurse and let us know the outcome. WE TRULY CARE!!! JeannieM
  8. by   SharkadelicRN
    You really need to leave that facility completely. And if you did just ask for a transfer, I would definitely tell them why you want the transfer.

    I had such an awesome orietation to the ICU I work in, I can't imagine anything different. I had 3 preceptors and every one of them cared about me and about the patients. As for all the other nurses I couldn't ask to be with a better, more caring, more helpful group of nurses. I feel very fortunate.

    There are better opportunities and better places to work. Don't put yourself through this. Find something else.
  9. by   zumalong
    (((Huggietoes)))--If these morons are the "sacred COWS" of the hosp. then I would not hesitate to say SEE YA. I know in our hosp they do not let you transfer while in orientation. Also if you don't report your treatment--then someone else will come along and they will be the next doormat.

    This is the kind of garbage that helps to lead us into a shortage. The other consideration is that if you make a mistake with your patients---you will be liable and could lose your license or worse!! It does not sound like the facility would stand behind you. I would write a letter and deliver to the director of nurses ASAP. I would not continue to work in this environment. Even if you give them 2 wks notice it sounds like they will make your two weeks more of a living he## than they are now.

    DO NOT PASS GO---DO NOT COLLECT 200$--Make like a preacher and get the heck out of dodge. Good luck--there are great facilities out there.
  10. by   Cherry Soda

    Who really gives a flying **** what those nurses (and I use the term loosely) on ICU think?

    When you are off your "orientation" you will be expected to handle all critical patients!

    WAKE UP! Get out of there before you get yourself in trouble!!! You are better of in another hospital altogether.