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  1. The Registered Nurses at St Catherines of Siena Catholic Health Systems (CHS) on Long Island, NY have been on strike for 20 days because their employer refuses to address their serious concerns about short staffing, mandatory OT, retention and recruitment incentives (salaries and benefits) as well as other working conditions.

    The hospital claims it can't afford the improvements the nurses need to attract and RETAIN nurses for staff nurse positions.
    The freedom of information act makes it possible to get copies of CHS' tax returns for '97, '98, '99. The nurses, as a union, obtained this information and released it. Take a close look at the figures and where the hospital's money is going. Look at the yearly raises and pensions the administration gave themselves! And these are the people telling the nurses they "can't afford" to improve workplace conditions or increased salaries or benefits for the nurses:

    List of officers & their Salaries (compensation), Contributions to benefits plans/deferred compensations (annuities/pensions), and Total annual compensation (total yearly salary):

    Ronald Aldrich
    President - F/T position
    Salary - $90,000.oo
    Contributions to benefit plans/annuities - $ 0.00 Total annual salary - $90,000.oo...

    Salary - $800,200.oo
    Contributions to benefits plans/annuities - $225,706.oo
    Total annual salary - $1,025,906.oo.....

    Salary - $1,058,835.oo
    Contributions to benefits plans/annuities -
    Total Salary - $1,312,330.oo.....

    Raise of over a million dollars in 2 years

    Donna O'Brien, Sr.... VP - F/T
    Salary - $26,250.00
    Contributions to benefits/annuities - 00.00
    Total Salary - 26,250.00......

    Salary - $298,177.00
    Contributions to benefits/annuities -$43,598.00
    Total salary - $341,775.00.....

    Salary - $382,367.00
    Contributions to benefits/annuities - $55,443.00
    Total Salary - $437,810.00.....

    Raise of over four hundred thousand dollars in 2 years

    Terrance Daly CFO 40%- part-time work
    Salary - $00.00...

    Salary - $148,000.00
    Contribution to benefits/annuities - $59,472.00
    Total Salary - $207,472.00...

    Salary - $213,330.00
    Contributions to benefits/annuities - $51,486.00
    Total Salary - $264,816.00...

    Raise of over fifty thousand dollars in 1 yr - part time

    Martin Helldorger - position = "As Needed"
    Salary - $318,028.00
    Contributions to benefits/annuities - $23,707.00
    Total Salary - $341,735.00...... (for an "as needed "position!)

    Alan Kertland - position = "As Needed"
    Salary - $150,000.00
    Contributions to benefits/annuities - $24,252.00
    Total Salary - $174,587.00

    How much do you get paid per diem? Over $100,000/yr? How much of a raise did you get last year? What % raise is it from $90,000 to $1,025,906.oo? Thats how much % of raise the hospital president got over just one year. What % raise is it from $207,472.00 to $264,816.00? Thats how much of a raise a part time administrator got. Administrator's explanations as to why they need high salaries is:


    Ohhhhhhhh reeeaaallllllllyyyyyy????

    So they DO understand the concept after all!
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  3. by   RNKitty
    If the figures are accurate, the administrators should resign in shame! I hope the public will realize WHY the hospital cannot provide adequate staffing for the primary purpose of a hospital - that is, nursing care!
  4. by   hoolahan

    This is an outrage!! Who couldn't live comfortably on $100,000, and leave it at that??? These peopple are making more than the president!!!! And nurses are working madatory OT, drawing blood on HIV pt's, working Christmas, and busting our a$$es to maybe bring home $65,000 if we do enough OT?

    CRIMINAL!! SHAME on them, and this is a Catholic institution too? I worked for a Catholic institution, makes me wonder now. We had a hard time getting a freaking bandaid on the supply shelves, I think I'll check out their statements!
  5. by   WriteStuff

    Unadulterated GREED!!!

    "The LOVE of money is the root of all evil."

    Bonnie, RN
  6. by   oramar
    Wages were frozen, benefits were cut and positions were left open so these people could increase profits. They wanted to increase profits because they get a percentage of those profits. These same people cry poor constantly while as a way of covering up their true motives.
  7. by   Mijourney
    Hi. The problem is that I find a widening gap between the pay of those who supposedly know (strategists) and those who do (laborers).

    Congress is also raising its salary, but not the steep amount we see in the private sector. There have been and are increasing demands on the time and energy of those in Congress (not to mention violent threats). With the steep rise in salaries -jt reported, I have no problem with Congress raising their salaries by a thousand or two.

    Even with managed care, we can see that private sector administration and management refuse to sacrifice and in fact appears to be making a killing at the expense of patients, families, and those who do the real labor in the provision of care.

    As other posters have indicated, this proves the pervasiveness of greed and selfishness in our society. I have no doubt that these administrators could not handle our good days in patient care.
  8. by   RNKitty
    "But his money paid for the goose my dear."

    "Your money paid for the goose, my love."

    "But he paid me the money."

    "Because you earned it."

    "But Mr. Scrooge assures me times are hard."

    "He's right, for you they are! Fifteen shillings a week and not a penny rise in eight years."

    (Or something like that! )
  9. by   RNed
    Why should CEO's and Vice-presidents of healthcare systems accept less money than those who run a software company?

    I know I am defending these salaries and some seem quite large, but CEO's of non-healthcare systems make just as much and more than these. Why do we berate healthcare CEO's and assume their salaries deter ours?

    If there is a widening of the gap and there is, it is occuring across the board between labor and management. This is not solely a healthcare issue.

    Some of these individuals do deserve compensation and in these amounts. Unless we have seen first hand or been in one of these postions, we are wrong in assuming they are not deserving.

    If success is about money then we should have stayed in school and become CEO's and business majors. Success is not about wealth. Success is what we define success is; it is community envolvement, good children, happy marriages, a job well done, good health, doing a job we love, etc. etc. etc.

    If CEO's are about greed and we, as nurses, think they should sacrifice some of their income because they manage a healthcare industry, then shouldn't we do the same?

    Or are we really saying they make more money and it makes us mad !
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  10. by   NurseDennie
    I think the point is more that THEY are receiving the bonuses and benefit from the working conditions WE work under. When I first went to work, my floor was staffed very meagerly compared to other floors. It finally occurred to me that SOMEBODY had to be benefitting... Not us, but I'd be really, really surprised if the nurse manager didn't get a bonus for keeping budget low, and on up the line.

    These salaries are large, no doubt. And they are not out of line for CEO's of people running large corporations with large budgets. I wouldn't do that kind of job for twice that money!!

    When I was up for review, I was always told that I was qualified for the "Highest" raise of 3% - to have the temerity to ask for 4% required a request to the "upper management." I always replied, Okay, ask them.


  11. by   Teshiee
    Wow! I didn't know they can make that much. No wonder why nurses can't make a dime. They are sucking up the cash. I am sorry for what they do which is nothing is ridiculous to pay them all that money. I have no respect for administrators because they do not respect us as a profession and feel they can do whatever they want at the expense of their facilities. You know it is sad when an administrator gets a bonus for laying off people. Where is the logic in that? Shame on them!
  12. by   RNKitty
    "If CEO's are about greed and we, as nurses, think they should sacrifice some of their income because they manage a healthcare industry, then shouldn't we do the same?"

    Now really - if I had a million, I could probably sacrifice some income too. As it is, I can't afford to buy a house. I'm sure these folks are well set and their children have college all paid for years in advance.
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  13. by   -jt
    <They wanted to increase profits because they get a percentage of those profits. These same people cry poor constantly while as a way of covering up their true motives.>

    And too many nurses believe it & ask for nothing for themselves - not even that some of the money rolling in be put to making their working conditions bearable.

    These salaries are for a mid-sized suburban hospital with just 475 nurses. What kind of salaries are the administrators of larger facilities and urban facilities earning? The way I see it, if the hospitals have enough money coming in to be paying administrators excellent salaries and benefits in order to attract & retain the best administrators, they have enough money to do the same for nurses. Whats good for the gander is good for the goose.

    The point is not that administrators are well paid for their work. The point is that are making millions of dollars themselves while they are telling nurses they CANT AFFORD to pay US well for OUR work. While bringing home salaries and benefits like this for themselves, they are crying that they "Cant Afford" to spend any money to improve working conditions for nurses or pay THEM better.

    Hospital administrators have the nerve to give themselves $100,000 raises every year and then offer nurses a raise of just 1% because the hospital "has no money". Such audacity!
    But the thing that really beats all is that some nurses will actually buy the "we have no money" sob story & berate these nurses for standing up for themselves & insisting on a better offer in the hospitals "hard times".

    Feel free to pass that list of salaries all around the internet & open up some eyes. Its public information.
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  14. by   hoolahan
    RNEd, I won't speak for anyone else, but yes, it makes me mad! They don't leave their family's behind to come in on holidays, do they? They have every holiday off, AND That kind of pay and bonuses. I work short so some manager can bring home a bonus on the sweat of my labor b/c they didn't use OT.

    And so what if other companies are making millions? CEO's at many other companies also have employees who don't have to work holidays or take the risks we do in our everyday practice. Just b/c they make huge salaries, doesn't make it right. Should pharmaceutical companies make zillions when people who are too poor to afford meds go without treatment?

    I hope they buy themselves a nice bed with all that money, it's a wonder they can sleep at night!