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Our emergency department was going to open two LPN positions for an 1800-0200 shift. Then there was a big management shuffle. Our new director has changed those two positions to care aide positions.... Read More

  1. by   CashewLPN
    tis true, we do tend to be treated as so much less than what we really are....
    px is... no RN, no respect. In any institution....
    its a sad sorry state of affairs when RN to the up aboves means 'real nurse' while LPN tends (only in their pitiful little minds) to mean 'lets pretend nurse'....
    hmm.... if all the LPNs were to walk out one day... odds are that a good portion of the medical system would crash to the floor....

    I worked damn hard for my diploma.... I took the NCLEX-PN... I work just as hard, if not harder than alot of people I know... yet, I recieve no respect, and noncompetitive wages....

    Perhaps thats why I'm trying my damndest to get out of this field?
    who knows...
  2. by   NurseAngie
    This is such an awful situation. I am a LPN enrolled in an ADN program. I used to think I wanted a BSN or MSN...now I'm really considering something else. I love nursing. I love my life and family too. Nursing is stressful and at the moment I know about 50 others personally that aspire to become CNM/WHNP's too! Ahh...I'm thinking maybe that I'll find a new interest...say...as a basketweaver!

    I have no wise words. I know that I worked really hard to become a LPN and maybe I shoulda spent that energy on something else. Oh well.

  3. by   NightNurseKathy
    sure is very strange to knock the lpn over the aide.... having been an lpn for 21 years before becoming an rn, that is insulting.
  4. by   NightNurseKathy
    an lpn is a licensed practical nurse.... the lpn does stand for something here.... and it is not a joke. but when i got my license in the 60's in california, we were called licensed vocational nurse.... my experience as and lpn stood me very well when i went on for my rn. i felt challenged to do better than the average, hey i had been there dun that!

    graduated with honors, something i am proud of , having never done very well in school ever!

    became an rn 13 years ago now, and have loved that too. worked in home health 11 of my 13 years. an was insulted that my work as an rn in home health was considered inferior to nurses who work in hospitals.... i am over the insult now, but there does need to be respect for each of us no matter what our license or what we choose to do. we are all very much needed! that is my piece!!
  5. by   dd/lpn
    I agree with mattsmom81 that we RN's & LPN's alike should UNITE, get organized and lobby to get some laws passed that would keep the patient/nurse ratios at a safer and more pallitable level. Lets UNITE!!!
  6. by   leesonlpn
    Thank you all for your positive responses. I love these virtual encouragements! In representation of our LPN's (we have 50 employed in our hospital)we are arranging a meeting with our COO (going above the head of our medical director who is implementing this dastardly deed) to find out what the heck is going on. I have spent 22 years justifying my job as an LPN and it still continues. Very frustrating.
  7. by   alwaysthere
    That burns my butter and im a CNA, Why in the world would they want to have someone with less experience/training in there ER? As and aide I would not work in an ER as a matter of proffesionalism. My job is to help save lives not possibly cause further injury because of my lack of training!
  8. by   Teshiee
    Unfortunately LPN/LVN'S are seen as glorified CNA's and it is not right. I was a LVN for 4 years and realize this very much so. I have worked on a pediatric floor only to be an aide because our job description said otherwise. I know there are a lot of LVN's who are great nurses and if most of these facilities could get away with a LVN doing a role as a RN they would. It boils down to $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. Being a RN for 2 years now I realize that I have more options in my career. Until LVN's are acknowledge this redderick will continue.
  9. by   Agnus
    This is not a bad reflection on LPNs. Of course you have the edeucation and knowledge. This is about, THEY HAVE TO PAY YOU MORE THAN AN UNLICENSED PERSON, PERIOD.
  10. by   BBFRN
    [QUOTE]Originally posted by DaSuperRN

    This may be true for your hospital but not mine. As RN I did way more and have way more responsibility. I've been in all shoes personally, and I prefer RN because of the wages, but certainly not the weight of work put on me. At my hospital LPN's cannot do admission or start IV's, I have 10 patients, plus I admit everyone, start approx 30 IV's a evening no kidding we a telemetry as well, do boo coo's IVP's do all heparin IV and boluses, TPN etc....I got so burned out I quit after 3 years of torture now I work LTC and prefer it.

    Wow, I do heparin IV, TPN, Telemetry, etc. as well. That stinks that your hospital didn't utilize the LPN's a little more to take at least some of the load off of the RN's. I'm not saying that RN's make tons more money than LPN's, but our wages are closer to CNA pay than RN pay, and that sucks. But what sucks for the RN's on our floor is that they are required to take charge shifts, even if they are fairly new grads.
  11. by   NannaNurse
    I do everything my fellow RN's do except: hang blood and IV Push.....I start my own IV's, hang my own fluids, draw my own labs, do my own PD's (pertioneal dialysis), admissions, assesments.....but I'm paid ALOT less. I work with some really great RN's who think I should be paid more too.
    I agree that if we were to walk out......alot of places would be in alot of trouble!!
    I am also persuing my degree for RN. I just think it's a darn shame that we 'NURSES' have to resort to this level and 'comoete' for the respect and recoginition that we so rightly deserve!
    LPN's and RN's unite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!