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Okay, so I'm new on these boards and I'm not going to pretend like I know all about nursing because I really don't. However, I am learning. I have learned from reading around, that nurses don't... Read More

  1. by   teeituptom
    Quote from MelissaRN
    I work at one of the best paying hospitals in my state. I make $25.00 an hour with shift diff for working night shift. I've been able to pay off a lot of credit card debt, and buy a nice used SUV. I'm leaving the busy med/surg floor for a lower paying job elsewhere that will give me dayshift hours, no weekends or holidays. I'll be doing the job I love and will have a better quality of life. Money isn't everything! It's not like I'm leaving a good paying job for a minimum wage job. The money I earn is still better paying than most jobs in this state. And besides, I'm a nurse!! It's what I have always wanted to be long before I knew how well it paid.

    congrats on the new job

    will you still be able to afford the gas for your new SUV
  2. by   RNGrammy
    The pay is ok, not what we all want it ti be. What profession is. But are we in nursing for the money? If I were, I would be long gone! We are in nursing for a reason...we care. That is why we put up with the terrible work environment.
  3. by   NP2BE
    Quote from Kyriaka
    Since I am still a student, I cant say for sure. But from what I have looked into the pay is decent.

    But also alot has to do with managment skill.

    When I worked for ATT I made in the upper $30K range. I live totally debt free. I do not own or use credit cards. Nor will I date or be involved with a man who is in debt or has a bad credit rating due to their own fault (medical expenses do not count).

    On the other hand my sister makes in the $50K range, and is always in debt. She buys clothes all the time (I buy 5 outfits a year and one pair of new shoes a year). She tans and buys a new car every other year (mine has 300,000+ miles on it). She wears all name brands. I shop at Walmart.

    Everything is relative.
    So do you request a credit check before accepting a date?
  4. by   NP2BE
    Quote from RNPATL
    Over the years I have heard many nurses say "if you are in this for the money, then you have chosen the wrong profession." While I do agree that nursing has traditionally been a lower paying profession, I have always disagreed with the mind-set that nurses should not be paid more or for their worth. I have been a nurse for a long time and I do not think it is wrong for nurses to ask for and desire to be paid more. I have a family and deserve to make a livable wage.

    There are many people in this profession because it is a secure future. Nurses will always be employable. Is it wrong for people to join the ranks of nursing because they will have a secure future? Does that mean they care less than you or the next nurse? I don't think so. For me, I joined nursing because I knew it was a secure future for me. I knew I would not make a lot of money, but I expect to be paid a fair wage for the work that I do. I am also a very compassionate person. But my compassion to care for people does not out weigh my need to pay my bills and provide my kids with a decent quality of life or have the ability to send them to a decent college.

    It is interesting how nurses have always been placed in a position that if they want to earn more money than they are questioned about their commitment to the patient. I have never heard anyone say that about a physician or about other health care professionals. They receive a great wage for their contriubution to the care of the patient. No one questions their compassion. So, why, in this day and age, would we question the commitment of nurses that want to make a good wage?

    I am no longer a part of the school of thought that says nurses should have more compassion and less pay. My pay should equal my compassion. Trust me .... I will never be paid to the level of compassion that I have, but I refuse to step back and not ask for more money just because I am a nurse. Let's move on as a profession and demand what we are worth. We are educated professionals and should be paid a wage that is comserate with our education and experience.

    Ok - I am off my soap box about this now.

    I am considering CRNA school, and one of the reasons (certainly not all), is the money, if that makes me a bad person, so be it.
  5. by   katmndu224
    Quote from LBHOTGIRL99
    When my father was sick with cancer, he had a home health nurse who I asked this same question to. She has been in nursing for 9 yrs. She said that it is good money when you are starting out, ( no kids, family, etc). But as time goes on and your lifestyle changes then the money is not that good?? She also mentioned that the pay has been pretty much the same, not a lot of raises. That makes a difference too. I actually don't know. I have heard people say that "nurses do better(making money) than what people want to give them credit for". I honestly feel like they make an above average wage. Here in Charlotte, NC the starting pay is $40,000-$42,000. I could live great off of that. I figure I am going from $0 to $40,000. That's a lot to me!

    I have been a nurse since 1992. I work in home care and there are plenty of jobs. The most I have made was $78,000 in one year with so much OT that I was ready to drop (I was working to pay for my wedding---a waste since I was divorced after only 1 1/2 years--oh well, no big loss)...lol!

    I work for University of PA's home care depat and the base pay os $22.70 per hour...freezes on raises have been in effect for several years yet new RN's are brought in at a higher rate. I took a big pay cut to take this job but I traded off by having better benefits than at a mom and pop agency.

    Just like any other job or career, you must learn to live within your means. Stay away from credit cards if at all possible. Refinance your home for a lower rate. Just remember, the longer you are a nurse and the more education you have,. the more money you SHOULD make. Salary has always been pretty negotiable up until the past few years.

    Again, we have a shortage of working nurses. Any job is good if you can learn to live in a budget. If you plan to be rich, you are in the wrong field, unless you open your own business.

  6. by   fawnsternurse
    Quote from shel_wny
    You could make more than that at Wal-Mart!? *gapes in awe*
    Managers aren't even paid that much.

    I am a nurse from Western NY (Buffalo) and I had to leave to find work elsewhere, so I am currently on travel contracts.
    It took me TWO MONTHS of consistantly filling out applications before I even found employment in Bflo. I was appalled to find out that a pediatric home care nurse was making 13.00. Garbage men make more in the buffalo area! Due to the fact that jobs are scarce the nurses in that area do not leave their jobs, hence no new openings and forget me trying to find an R.N. position in an area that I am not trained in. They would not EVEN consider me.
    I have been a nurse since 1988 and have a wealth of experiences to bring to any job but I was not given the opportunity. As a result I really feel that I have been "forced" to leave via travel nursing. Believe me now that I have done it I have no regrets at all. It has been a wonderful experience. This summer I am going home for the season so I can spend time with my boys. (ages 19 yrs and 20 yrs). Will I be able to find employment for the summer? Only time will tell but at the wages being offered me before I wouldnt be able to take my kids to "Mighty Taco" for dinner. hahahaahaha
    I try to stay away from the BSN VS ADN arguments. I must say that I have seen so much "splitting" going on in Nursing that I have come to the conclusion that we are our own worst enemies. "United we stand divided we fall". We must stand together , yes, for ourselves, but ultimately for our patients who deserve care from professionals who yes, care and are qualified but also who are being paid what they deserve in wages as shown upon happy countenances of people who lead quality lives , can pay their bills and have extra money for the little things in life that make us feel grounded.
    Touche` my two cents.
    Dont give up! Finish school , find employment either in WNY or maybe its time for another nurse to leave the area.
    Personally I love my hometown. I just wish that I could make a decent living there.Maybe someday.......
  7. by   CHATSDALE
    I could not believe my eyes when i read your tale of Buffalo pay scale and lack of jobs my sil's brother is doing travel nursing to pay off a house so he can retire early but nowhere in Cenral Louisiana area will you find a nurse working for $13.00 stay away from us in the summer but come Oct to may you will love the weather and i promise you your job hunting will take less than half a day with time for good cajun cooking
  8. by   janetndhlovu
    I have been a nurse for 18 years. I would agree that it depends mainly on how you manage your money. All in all I believe that the salary could be better, there is always room for improvement. I am satisfied with my salary, of course I live in the South and things may not be as expensive as in other places. My salary has tripled since I started nurses in 1986 to now 2004 based on the hourly pay. But if you compare the nurses salary to engineer's salary. We really don't make as much as we should, considering all you have to expose yourself to. Most of us I believe love doing what we do taking care of the sick etc. But something will have to be done to fix the nurses shortage that we are in right now. ? What I don't know salary increase may help. But nurses should be nurses from the heart, it's not just about the money. It has been my experience that the ones that come into it for money only, aren't happy and don't necesarrily have good bedside manners.I enjoy nursing I can't imagine doing this only for money.