a little help please?

  1. So I'm only 17 years old and I guess I'm at the point of my life where I'm thinking about my future, since my senior year is coming up and I'll be off to college. Both of my parents are nurses and they always push me to do it, and I just wasn't all too sure about it. Music is my passion, I'm the leader of a 125 member band, and well in music I've been fairly successful at it, thanks to God of course, I had a talk with my mom and she told me about all the jobs there are in nursing and I told her that I wasn't sure if nursing was what i saw myself doing for the rest of my life. So I was like, hey why not look for a nursing forum, googled one up and found this one. But some questions I have is, do you guys love nursing and love what you're doing? Do you have time for yourself and for your family? Do you still get to do what you love doing (like for me play music). Another thing is, I don't want to spend the rest of my life as another face in the crowd, cause it just isn't my personality. Is there a job where I can express leadership and stuff like that in the nursing field? If you guys could help out sort out my life, that would be great. Oh and if you do plan on responding, don't make it sound like there are absolutely no flaws and absolutely nothing negative about nursing, explain your experiences and tell me where you guys are now. Tell me about what to expect and the things that you hated. Well, I think I did more than stop in, say hello, and introduce myself. Oh my name is Jason by the way. Hopefully somebody reads this and helps me out...
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  3. by   dragonflyRN
    My advice to you: Let your passion take over. If you have a passion for music, go for it. If you do what your parent's push you to do.....you will regret. This is your life. You get to decide. I am a nurse. Female, sorry. I have many male nurse friends. We all work 3 12 hour shifts....much time for other interests. Having 2 parents that are nurses...wow! My 4 year old wants to be a doctor....only because he loves Dr. Jodi....who is a nurse practioner.
  4. by   LauraF, RN
    Hi! Welcome to our little board. Nursing is not perfect. Going to nursing school quite frankly is horrible. It will create havoc and chaos in your life until you graduate. When you are in school it is very difficult to have any other interests. But it is doable.
    However, once you are finished with school the only limit there is, is the limit that you place on it. There are so many ways you can go in nursing. There is research nursing, there is law nursing, there are just simple do your 8 or 12 hours and your done nursing. It is possible to still persue your music interests. But again it is what you put into it, or take out of it. Some people have a hard time leaving their work at the door at then end of their shift. I for one find myself thinking about some of my patients outside of the job, and get stressed because I think things should be done a different way. But I have had similar things happen with other jobs.
    Now not to sound like an old mother hen, but what kind of career can you have in music. A music instructor maybe? A rockstar? Nursing will always be here. It will almost always put bean on your table. Music? It changes so much. Can you keep up with the changes? It seems a lot of music is getting more computerized. Don't need live bodies when you have a computer. So take that into consideration when you are weighing your choices.
    I would chose nursing again if I had it to do all over. Yes there is a lot of crap. You have to clean butts, make beds, listen to people gripe, yell and scream. But if it is for you you can also be there and experience some touching things, holding your dying patients hand as they take their last breath, having someone cry on your shoulder after hearing they have a very poor prognosis, being there when the person in the car wreck who was not expected to live takes their first steps, being there when the doctor tells them that they have beat that cancer, wave to the new mom taking her baby home for the first time.

    But in the long run, only you can make this decision. You must make it for yourself. Not for anyone else. You have to face the fact, your folks are not the ones who will be having to be on their for feet for that 8 or 12 hours. It's you. The choices you make now will affect you for the rest of your life. Do not do it because someone tells you, guilts you. Do it because it is what feels right to you. You might also talk to your high school counselor. They have aptitude tests that can tell you if nursing is a fit for you. Also the counselor may have some in's and could get it so that you could go with a nurse for a day. I did this. My counselor got it so it was not considered an absence, and I went to work and school with a family friend. I really enjoyed it. Be sure to let us know what you decide. Good luck!
  5. by   balutboi
    I think it'll be a while till i actually decide, but thanks for all that information. I'll be sure to remember those unforgettable experiences if i ever get into nursing. My mind is still not made up, and I don't think it will be for a while.
  6. by   TheCommuter
    Since there are so many variations with scheduling for nurses, you can find a compressed shift and use the rest of the time to devote to an interest or hobby you truly love. You can choose to work five days per week like many still do. I, however, work two 16-hour shifts per week and have five days off in a row to spend however I please.
  7. by   justavolunteer
    If you are considering the medical field, (nursing or whatever), you may be able to volunteer at a hospital in your area. This might give you an idea if you can even stand to be around the hospital environment. Also, some high schools have "job shadowing" arrangements with various businesses. You may be able to follow a nurse around for a day & see what one does.

    Good luck with what ever you do.
  8. by   NoMoreStudying
    You only get to be young, follow your dreams and passions once. It may not be your final course, but I'm all for trying it.

    I do love nursing (It's my first year ), but it's my second career. My only responsible adult advice is whatever you do, don't take on astronomical financial debt for school. Think: Will I really be able to pay back $40,000-$120,000 loans when I'm 22, in my first job and trying to pay the rent.

    You only live once, though. And making mistakes when you're young and following you dreams are sweet mistakes. You don't have to pick a major right away anyway. There are no prizes for finishing college in 4 years.

    I say go for what you want, but avoid huge debt and criminal records, b/c those stick with you. Wasting a little money, time or energy? Who cares!
  9. by   Prof_Student

    I just finished nursing school last month. I'm in my thirties and used to work in computers (programming). I'll give you the same advice I gave my younger sister, which is what I would have done right out of high school if I had it to do over again:

    Get a technical/2-year type degree that will allow you to work at a liveable (sp?) wage.

    By the time you're 20 or 21, you can have your own place, have health insurance, be totally self-sufficient, and young enough to continue in whatever field you choose. It's very difficult to know what you want to do with the rest of your life when you're still in high school, especially since you don't have a lot of real-world experience. I'm not trying to imply anything negative about being young, it's just that as I've gotten older, I continue to learn about different careers that I never even realized existed.

    In the end, you have to follow your heart with what you want to do. I struggled financially throughout my twenties, and I know first-hand how difficult it can be to make changes in your life or follow your dreams without money.

    Good luck, no matter what you choose to do. By the way, my sister did take my advice. She's a dental hygienist and makes about $30/hr. She's seven years younger than I am and making more money than me.

  10. by   begalli
    Hi balutboi.

    I just wanted to share with you that I work with an RN who also loves music. She pretty much plans her nursing life around her seat in the San Francisco Symphony. For her, it really works. She also guests with symphonies around the nation. It's so cool.

    There is another RN who who is a champion ballroom dancer. She no longer dances but after more than 30 years she's still nursing.

    If you were my kid, and I have two already out of college and a senior in high school, I would encourage you to ask all the questions you can think of and go with your gut and your heart when choosing your path in life. Ultimately you are the one who will be living it, right?
  11. by   Antikigirl
    I have two children, and both are very artistic and one is 16 and totally music oriented! Ask her if she wants anything to do with healthcare seeing as me, her step mom is an RN, her father a Paramedic, her mom a massage therapist and bless her heart...she says NO WAY!

    This gal has done so much medically related for herself and family members, in fact...she could proably get a job as a hospice nurse assistant with all the years of tending to and deaths of the 4 family members that have lived in her home (it was like a Skilled Nursing Facility..I am not joking!). She has done this type of work, and realizes it is so far from what she really wants to do...and all of us support her for knowing that, and seeking other options!

    So what was my advice to her, be very creative and artistic with her choice in careers! Think about music or other art forms and pick a job within that that will be a stable source of income as you persue your dreams!

    Teaching is a thought (in music or other areas), or commercial advertising/music, music directing, movie directing...have fun and look out into the world of art!

    Healthcare, well...I just don't see the connection in music or pursuing music stongly enough to take all that time, money, and other demands asked of in nursing. It is two totally different worlds, and very hard to find the heart fullfilling sense of gratification in music if you are in the demanding world of healthcare! I mean, some people have music as a hobby...but personally speaking, I barely have time for hobbies as it stands now. Also think about non career futures...marriage, home, children...and then a music hobby or side career??? Sounds like too much on one plate to me and neither one getting its fair amount of attention...

    I don't want to sound down on nursing...it is a great profession (not without its faults for sure!), however...if you aren't really into being a nurse or healthcare, well...it is tough to make yourself like it (impossible I say), and you will always find some excuse (money, bills, time spent getting the degree, etc) to continue it and lessen or drop the music...which would be a shame!

    I wanted to be a vet, always wanted to be a vet...at least that was closer to nurse then a wish for a nursing career...and I have never forgotten that wish, and will never get over the regret of not pursuing vet school! I think of it daily! I don't mind nursing, and have gotten quite use to it...but I was healthcare oriented...just animals at first..LOL!

    Go with your dreams and MAKE them work for you.

    Like a wise patient (dying) said to me..."never ever do something in your life that you will regret...because that really hits you hard when you are sick or dying and can't do anything about it but look back in sorrow!" That always hit me hard because I have one...and will that be what I think about when it is my time? That makes me think about my choices well now!
  12. by   leslie :-D
    hi jason! (the mother in me wants to call you 'boobala' w/outstretched arms )

    i made the mistake of listening to my mother.
    when i was 17, i wanted to be a nurse.
    more specifically, i wanted to major in public health and work w/AIDS pts.
    i ended up listening to my mother, who encouraged business.
    and i worked in the business world for the next 15-20 yrs.
    bad move. i was miserable.
    i went to nsg school in my 30's and am happy.

    follow your heart, but be realistic.
    will you be able to find work in the music profession?
    nsg offers alot in terms of decent wages, flexible schedules and being in charge.
    as an rn, you are in charge of your patients.
    you are expected to assume a leadership role, but also in collaboration with the healthcare team.
    you would probably start out in bedside nsg.
    you will be exposed to blood, urine, feces, vomit or any other secretion known to mankind.
    it's much more than doing 'tasks'.
    critical thinking skills are essential.
    knowing how to assess any given situation is key; as well as prioritizing.
    it's juggling, organizing, balancing a plethora of md orders, pts' needs, pts therapies, knowing what to delegate to others, interpreting incoming and ongoing data...it goes on.
    many get burned out because of high pt loads and not enough support from mgmt.
    it's crucial that you know how to take care of yourself and keep yourself well.
    but inspite of its' drawbacks, it's one of the few professions that is so very personally rewarding.
    but please, make sure you're doing it for the right reasons.
    whatever path you pursue, give it your personal best.
    wishing you everything good.

  13. by   balutboi
    Wow, you guys give lots of good information! I didn't think that would happen. This stuff is really getting me thinking... i don't think my parents are putting too much pressure though, I'm just not feeling to confident in my music skills anymore when I compare myself to the professionals, so that's how nursing started to catch my eye. If I got anything out of band it would be lots of leadership skills, because ever since elementary school I've been a section leader, and now I'm the drum major (or leader) or a 125 piece band. (I think I said that before)... So I was kinda curious as to what kinda nursing jobs can I pursue that will allow me to still be a leader? Oh and feel free to answer any of the other questions. You guys are freakin awesome! This helps me a lot.
  14. by   goats'r'us
    if you don't want to be a nurse, don't let yourself get pushed into it, because you'll grow to resent the work.

    why don't you look at jobs that can incorporate your music talents, like music teaching? in that job, you're not another face, and you get to do your own thing.