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I saw on CNN that some hospitals are promising free service if patients don't see a doc within 30 min in the E.R.! What do you guys think about this?:imbar... Read More

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    Must have been a former employee of Dominos Pizza.
    Darn! Somebody beat me to the cheesy pizza reference!

  2. by   santhony44
    I don't know why the "suits" just can't see that the only way you can give good care in a timely manner is to *have enough staff!*

    Do that, and you won't need silliness like "30 minutes or it's free."

    My personal physician is an Internist. Her office runs as smoothly as I've ever seen. One doc, two nurses, three front office staff. My next-to-last visit I picked up a magazine in the waiting room and never got to read a single article.

    I work in a corporate-owned office. Their rule is "one provider, one nurse." And God forbid any overtime. Our CEO said that my doc's office is "overstaffed." Why can't they see that a practice will get *more* patients and eventually *more* money when the word gets out that you don't have to pack a picnic lunch when you have an appointment???

    When you have enough staff, people don't have to wait so long: in an office for their visit, in the ER to be seen, in the hospital for their pain shot. Is it just too simple to understand??
    Hi Im your Dr Zoe , would you like fries with that?
  4. by   donmurray
    Oh! you of little faith! Of course they'll see the Dr. There will be a photo on the wall by reception! LOL
  5. by   CATHYW
    Hey, ya'll! We had a CQI going in our ER back in 1996 to do exactly that! We monitored it by shift, day of the week, and what doc was on. There was a poster in the hall next to our easy-wipe board so God and everybody could see what our percentages were!
    If a doc so much as picked up the chart and glanced in the room and took your word (triage nurse) for the complaint, and marked labs to begin, and wrote down a time, that was considered "seeing" the pt. I was in the ER at the same hospital last Sept., and they still have the same parameters going, posted in the same place. Didn't look to me as though the percentages had changed much! LOL!
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  6. by   sunnygirl272
    oh puh-leeeeeeeeeeeze!!!!!

    first of all, isn't it bad enought that ya can tell when it's either the end of themonth and the $$ is gone and/or it's repeats on tv by the # of people in the er waiting room? now let's give 'em meals and movies???

    secondly,the ones who are most likely gonna be demanding their freebie visit are the ones who have the frickin' gold card anyway!!!
  7. by   l.rae
    Well nobody saw a MD in 30 min last nite in our ER....but they ALL got morphine as a consolation prize!...and l am not exagerating!!!.....bee sting...givem ms.....2 day old minor mvs..ms....93yr female, slipped fell, no head inj...sleeping soundly...yep...mso4....actually ran out of ms in pyxis last nite....new ER doc....OMG......l digress.......LR
    I broke a nail last night , should I go to I.rae's ER for treatment?
    Did the word get out that yall had free flowing MSO4? If it did then you will have a line like waiting for the OZZFEST tickets...
  9. by   l.rae
    Sorry Zoe....like l said.....we ran out..u a day late and a dollar short......l will see if Dr FeelGood makes house calls if ya want...LOL........LR