2nd part of "Ready to Give Up"

  1. As most of you know, I've been having trouble where I work, the write up with the insulin and all....I have put some applications in elsewhere, but have heard nothing yet. Can't afford to quit, just cause...well, I just can't.
    Anyway, check out the new scandal going round now!
    Had a meeting at work the other day. I went and was informed I had to talk with DON after the meeting. When I walked into her office, I GOT WROTE UP AGAIN!!!!!!
    This time it was because a CNA did not do what I told her to do, resulting in a patient lyng in tube feed and getting a rash on her back and sides (has Huntington's, so pt thrashes alot and pulled feed tube apart). Pt was very restless during my shift and tube was pulled apart more than once. Apparently this CNA did not do care for this pt after she was told to. Other dayshift CNA's said this night shifter was sitting at the desk with me for 1 1/2 hours! (They came in at 3a to help out) I do NOT have time to sit for 1 1/2 hours!!!
    So therefore, I was written up for patient neglect(because I'm the "supervisor" they say), and my probation was extended for 30 days. I'm really getting worried...it almost seems as if they are trying to get me to quit. (I believe they are going to succeed...)
    I think this CNA should have been written up and maybe I should have been talked to about being a better "supervisor", but no....I take the fall and the aide walks away like nothing happened.
    Enough is enough, I say.
    I have 3 days off, time to go and do something. Pounding the pavement before this place ruins my nursing career sounds good to me.
    I just never thought, in my wildest dreams, that my first nursing job would be such hell......
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  3. by   2banurse
    I'm sorry Julie...I can see your frustration. Do whatever you can to get out of that situation.

    Wishing you the best!
  4. by   l.rae
    l had a job like that once...naturally, l was just separated from my ex and had 2 small children...l feel for you!...You should be able to find something else julie.....l don't think things will turn around for you at your present job....though no fault of your own...it's the way some ppl are and they don't want to change, they LIKE finding pple and making their lives miserable....GET OUT...don't look back....DON"T FEEL GUILTY!.......LR
  5. by   Allison S.
    This burns me. Of course, we are "responsible" for the actions of those we supervise, but realistically, we also have to trust that they do what the say they do, and that they tell the truth.

    If we as nurses had time to check up on everything the aids are supposed to do, it is not a reach to think that we would have to do everything they do. Then aids would be obsolete. But this is NOT the model that our industry works with.

    Nurses have to be responsible for nursing care, including monitoring skin integrity and adequate nutrition, but aids have to be responsible for cleaning patients, if this is how we have chosen to run our facilities. I know your staffing ratios -- as a nurse, you physically cannot look at (and under) every patient every hour. You just have to trust that people are going to do the job they get paid for, and tell the truth.
  6. by   GPatty
    and when I said I would comment but refuse to sign the write up, I was told, "I don't care of you sign it or not, it's going in your file..."
    How crappy is that?????
  7. by   sjoe
    There is a forum on this BB called "LPN Corner," where you might get more specific feedback and/or suggestions.
  8. by   Dr. Kate
    First regarding whether or not you sign a write up. Doesn't matter if you sign it or not, once it's been given it goes in your file. That's just the way it is. When you sign it you are acknowledging that you read and understannd what it said, not that you agree with it. You have a right to add your response later after you have thought about the whole situation. The fact that you didn't sign it will be recorded on the write up usually something like: "refused to sign" You're better off stating that you disagree and you will submit a statement by a particular date and signing the thing. I hte to say it looks better, but it does. It is a more professional way to deal with something you think is one-sided, incorrect and unfair.

    Now, the reality is you are being set up for termination. One more wirtten counseling and you'll be fair game for termination (that assumes you are not in a union facility, those rules are probably different and you should get to a shop steward NOW if your hospital is union.) It doesn't really matter what the details are and who else should be counselled, you're the one getting written up and you have to protect yourself. Don't be surprised if the next write up is on attendance, tardiness or some simliar thing, remember they got Al Capone on tax evasion, not for killing people.
    But truly, something is going on here that may or may not involve your performance and/or work situation. You might want to think about what's been going on. Is there something that has changed at work or home? Are you carrying more responsibility than you can handle? Do you need more training in a particular area? This is a time to be brutally honest with yourself about yourself. This isn't about what other people did or didn't do, it's about you.
    I think you are in grave danger of being terminated in the near future. If you truly think you have no option but to stay at this facility, I suggest you schedule an appointment with your manager to discuss how you can improve your performance. If you're not prepared to humbly do that (and you will have to eat it if you do--just the way it is) then get outta Dodge.
    I don't mean to sound harsh here but as I said a the beginning you are being set up for termination and it's up to you to act or be acted upon.

    Good luck
  9. by   WashYaHands
    I agree with Dr. Kate's post.
    Apparently this CNA did not do care for this pt after she was told to.
    Please don't take this as a criticism, but as a nurse, if you delegate a task to anyone, it's your responsiblity to make sure the task was completed correctly. I know this is difficult when you are busy, but it's part of our responsibility when we delegate. If it happens again, give a specific time frame for completion and check to make sure it was done.
  10. by   Tweety
    I agree with Dr. Kate, sounds like they are legally trying to fire you and you need to find out why, for future reference.

    (Dr. Kate, when a person is written up can we write on the write up something like "signature is only an acknowledgement of receipt, not agreement", or anything on the writeup itself (not an explanation of our disagreement mind you, but the fact that we disagree)?)

    I would get outta there fast, but find out why the witch hunt.

    It's amazing how the nurse is always to blame for a bad patient outcome.
  11. by   Buddha
    I totaly agree I have seen many a nurse get the shaft this way.You need to please submit your notice; hopefully two weeks if you can. You never know when the management might change at this facility. If it is LTC it will,and you might need a refrence on a resume or might want to go back. Also remember If your having trouble with a particular Nurse Manager leave on the best footing possible. She/He might be employed somewhere where you work in the future.:kiss

    Good Luck and God Bless
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  12. by   mayberry
    I can relate to how your feeling...had a really, really bad experience in my first 2 jobs. Realized later I was in over my head. Coworkers were still anything but helpful...some just down right nasty. However, I agree with in many wayswhat Dr Kate says. Is there someone at work who can give you some guidence on how to approach this situation?
  13. by   GPatty
    Thank you all for your excellent advice. I am going to go about this morning and search for another job so I can put my 2 weeks in. I don't know why the "witch hunt", but I will be sure to ask before I leave. Lord knows I don't want to stir up anything BEFORE I go! It just seems odd to me that all of a sudden I am in trouble with every breath that's taken and I don't know why, when a month ago, the DON was praising how well I was doing and how much the patients liked me.....
  14. by   emily_mom
    Originally posted by sjoe
    There is a forum on this BB called "LPN Corner," where you might get more specific feedback and/or suggestions.
    I don't know what that has to do with this thread. She is looking for support and advice. Are RN's not allowed to give LPN's advice? Jeesh....lighten up..... This isn't specific to LPN's or RN's....it's a GENERAL nursing question.

    That said, I think you should get the heck out of there ASAP!! You don't need to lose your license over this.....