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DURHAM, N.C. (Feb. 20) - Doctors located an organ donor early Thursday for a 17-year-old girl clinging to life after she received a heart and lungs that didn't match her blood type, a spokeswoman... Read More

  1. by   fab4fan
    Originally posted by Susy K
    I am too angry to comment appropriately.
    Susy: Does this demonstrate how you feel? LOL!

  2. by   Q.
    Yes. And so does this:

    Hey Sally! You want universal healthcare? How about we stop paying for illegal's health care?! Arrghhh!
  3. by   Nurse Ratched
    Originally posted by Stargazer
    Fab, I'm sorry, I didn't understand this part of your post--can you explain?
    I believe she is referring to the fact that former PA Gov. Casey received a double organ transplant several years ago - heart and lung, I believe, but my memory may be off on that part (side note: big controversy at the time r/t the fact that he hadn't been on the list any length of time - questions of influence used to rocket him to the top of the list, etc.)
  4. by   Tweety
    Originally posted by Lausana
    I'm also interested in hearing where the organs came from, there is usually always a description of the donor in high profile cases to give us the warm fuzzies, so that is weird.
    The family of the donor wants to remain anonymous at this time. I can understand that. They are going through horrible grief at the loss of a loved one, why compound that with publicity.
  5. by   RN2B4SUR
    illegals are illegals no matter how you look at them. They broke the law and the INS should take them away. If the girl wasnt a 17yr old sweet girl and was a 40yr male that came from working in the fields of south florida would everyone feel the same for her.....not so sweet anymore is it. The networks play this up so much! And people wonder why our medical system is so screwy and costly!
  6. by   LaurieCRNP2002
    Actually, the late Governor Casey got a heart and liver (due to familial amyloidosis). Anyway, Nurse Ratched is totally correct in saying that there was a BIG controversy over him getting a heart and liver shortly after a man in Pittsburgh died (can't recall the circumstances of that man's death--beating?). Casey wasn't on the list but all of a sudden, he was the most critical patient and bam! He got the organs (I believe the operation was done at Hershey Med Center but don't quote me on it).

    "Kidney-1" is the phone number for the Gift of Life, the organ procurement agency (OPO) for Southeastern PA. They have to be called after all inpatient deaths, even if there are obvious contraindications to them being donors. I didn't realize Casey is the person who pushed the legislation which mandates us to make that phone call--so now I've learned something new today

    Newly minted MSN
  7. by   fab4fan
    LLD: Something makes me think he got the transplant in Pbgh; I may be wrong about that. And yes, his exp. with getting a transplant led to the way we "do business" today.

    There was something else w/ his situation that caused controversy; can't remember at the moment.
  8. by   emily_mom
    I just think it's terribly sad. I don't think anyone deserves to die, whether she be an alien or not. She is a minor and therefore not able to make the decision to cross the border. Her parents did.

    She didn't ask to die. She asked to live.

    I think the point of everyone bashing illegal aliens at this point is pretty irrelevant. Some posts make it seem (to me anyway) that she is less of a person b/c she wasn't from America. This is all just very upsetting to me.

  9. by   hapeewendy
    argh, I dont think I can put my feelings into any logical words here
    but I'm gonna give it a go anyhow...

    okay, sorry, maybe I'm feeling this way cuz I'm not american , but it's peeving me off that it is even an issue that this poor girl isnt from the US
    so what?
    if it was you living in a country where you didnt have the opportunity to save your childs life wouldnt you travel any length to save his or her life? answer is , of course you would
    so lets say by some cruel twist of fate or what have you, all the medical advances start taking place in Zimbabwe (just an innocent example, first place that came to mind etc etc) does that mean that only ppl from Zimbabwe should get organ transplants?
    something else to keep in mind, who knows where or from whom the organs that are transplanted are coming from...
    I know for a fact that people who have moved from other countries to the US have donated organs....
    they werent "born" american ,doesnt make the organs any less useful or appropriate for transplant right? so why the double standard when it comes to the recepients?
    I dont think the blame game should come into this, yes it was a horrible horrific terrible MISTAKE .... but hauling the MD off to prison is ridiculous, he was operating under the belief that the organs DID infact match...
    anyway, the point is, sadly, this girl is not going to make it... I do believe in miracles , however, I'm also a realist and she has the odds stacked against her completely...
    I feel very sad about this
    this topic is one I *SHOULD* stay away from discussing...

    I watched someone very vital and important to me go thru the roller coaster of waiting for a transplant, and finally getting one, only to succumb to a brain tumor
    so yes, it bothers me when ppl try to minimize organ donation
    the american system is screwy with blatant favourtism all over the place, however, that doesnt take away the good from the act of organ donation.

    I'm saddened by some of the stuff I'm reading on this thread...
    and angered by a lot of the rest of it...
    backing out humbly now....

    just want to remind ppl that america, and canada and all of the other wonderful nations of the world , were built, and became what they are ,because of the hard work of a lot of immigrants...

    so whats the criteria here ppl?
    must be born in the US and live there forever?
    or maybe just born there?
    or born and having to live in the states for a minimum of 10 years?
    help me out here... cuz I dont get it...

    lets not lose focus, this is a very sad situation,my heart goes out to this poor girl who has had to struggle to stay alive in a way that thankfully many of us will not ever know firsthand...

    yes organ donation is a highly individual chocie , but if you had known my aunt rena , I gaurantee that each one of you would sing your organ donor cards...

    yes i bought the catchy t-shirt when my aunt was in the hospital ,but the words are so true
    please dont take your organs to heaven, heaven knows we need them here on earth
  10. by   debyan
    Okay let's set the record straight on the initial cost. The money was collected through donations with the help of Mack Mahoney from a foundation established for this transplant in Jessicas name and it is not just for her but had grown into a foundation to help even other children with $$$ medical needs.She had been waiting. for a compatible heart and lung combo for a couple of years. Plus I am betting that since the error was made due to negligence at Duke that the 2nd operation will be funded (if not fully at least partly) by them. I hope that this helps to lessen hard feelilngs against these people even if they were alien they just wanted some miracle to save their daughter. It was only throught the kindness of many donations that she even had gotten this chance NOT our tax dollars. deb
  11. by   alem-tsahai
    THANK YOU Happywendee and Emily_Mom! I agree 100%

    How did this thread turn into an illegal immigrant bash-fest anyway?

  12. by   emily_mom
    I'm not sure, but thanks for the support on this one.

    I knew there was a foundation for her, but I was unsure as to the details so that's why I didn't post anything.

    Wendy is right. Why take them with you?
  13. by   SharonH, RN
    Thank you Deb for clearing that up. To repeat: the operation was funded through donations, not tax dollars. It was already stated that the family was not eligible for assistance because of their immigrant status. Also, Sen. Jesse Helms, who is not known for his tolerance and compassion, was instrumental in making sure that they could stay in this country. A child's life was at stake, her immigrant status is irrevelant because I'm here to tell you that if I was in the same situation as Jesica's mother, I would have done the same thing. And finally, hospitals are limited to performing only 5% of their operations on non-Americans anyway.