10 Ways Nurse Leaders Can Make Work Enjoyable for Staff - page 2

Being a nurse leader is stressful. You lead a team of nurses who have hard jobs. They deal with death and sadness on the daily. Oh, and let's not even start the discussion about staffing issues. ... Read More

  1. by   pixierose
    I also have 2 assistant NM and one NM. Ask me how many times I see any one of them (I work 5 8's a week by the way)....

    My NM was "trying to reach me" via leaving me VM messages last night on my cell. All he had to do was walk 25 feet down the hall.

    The disconnect between many nurse leaders and staff, aeb articles such as this and disappearing NM's such as mine, is the problem. Developing policies without feedback from staff (tough to do when you're never on the floor to begin with), advocating for events such as nights out when one feels they're constantly at work to begin with (I don't even get a dinner break with any of my shifts due to staffing, which my managers are well aware of) ... or team building when we already developed a team WITHOUT the team leaders because of necessity ... we don't need more positivity, we need team leaders that function. Doing your jobs would be an excellent start.
  2. by   maji2002
    I find it interesting that in nursing's quest to prove ourselves as a "profession" similar to engineers and the like, we try these tactics to improve morale. Do other "professions" do this as well, or do they not have morale issues like this? I have trouble seeing a group of engineers gleefully sporting dollar store sunglasses for submitting some new innovation, and feeling truly valued, motivated, and inspired. All of these seem disingenuous, juvenile, and placating to dodge the real issues. We need to rise up and make our voices heard to legislators, administrators and the public. It seems to be working for some of the teachers....
  3. by   melissa.mills1117
    Thanks for the comments NightNerd! Cheesy awards still get the appreciate across.
  4. by   melissa.mills1117
    But gah, I freeze when walking around a room trying to find someone who grew up halfway around the world or who might have a sister whose name starts with the letter "Z."

    PixieRose - this made me chuckle! Yeah, I know that some people really do not like team building, but sometimes it is the only way to get everyone to contribute. But, I would say, given your sense of humor, you probably get to know others pretty easily. . Thanks for the comments and the chuckles! ~Melissa
  5. by   melissa.mills1117
    Thanks for your honesty Poneymom.

  6. by   Nature_walker
    Giving us food only works if you know how much staff you have. On the overnights we had management send up a build your own sandwich bar to reward us for how awful it has been recently. Only they ordered enough for 5 sandwiches....there was 7 staff, doc, nurses, and techs. It became the hunger games up in there. An email was sent by charge to tell them that they must have miscounted because there was not enough for everyone. So, to try to make it right they sent up 20 sandwiches, to the day staff. Nights got overlooked again. The fact that they didn't know how many of us there were and that they thought we had only 5 total was insulting. They make the schedule and tell us where we are so wouldn't they have known?

    I'm a fan of them ordering food as a reward, but at least have enough for all. We already know we are short staffed, don't make it worse by having the few of us there fight over the food!
  7. by   FolksBtrippin
    Team building the wrong way:
    Games during a staff meeting.
    Anything requiring people to reveal personal information about themselves.
    After work events that you are not paid to attend and cost you money.
    Team building the right way:
    An all expense paid trip staff is paid to go on that is fun and involves teamwork like escape the room. With dinner afterward.

    Do it right please.
  8. by   Ado Annie
    Quote from Pepper The Cat

    You want me to be happy at work? Staff the unit correctly. Make sure I have the supplies and equipment we need. And deal with the pts and families that abuse us.

    Not that there's anything wrong with some of the ideas (recognition, fun times, celebrating milestones, maybe even volunteering together) but the real answer is just what you said.

    While we're at it, please don't make me drive to work and give up free time for pointless stuff.