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If you all could name 10 things you think are ESSENTIAL for an older nurse (more than 15-20 years on the job) to know, what would they be? I know it's hard to pick just 10, but I didn't want... Read More

  1. by   Brownms46
    Originally posted by mattsmom81
    I wish someone had told me in nursing school just how extremely physical nursing work is.....it's really geared more for men's upper body strength, IMO.

    I wish I would have heard more useful information on how to combat this physical mismatch..other than "You'll never get hurt if you use proper body mechanics" .

    Because that is simply a crock of you know what!

    The human factor simply does not allow proper body mechanics to keep a hospital bedside nurse safe over a 25 year career, IME.
    Mattmom...I'm with you all the way here!

    You I have heard that you should do stretching exercises before starting your shift each day...
  2. by   cmggriff
    Things all "old timers" need to remind themselves of:
    1. Be nice to the new kids. It is likely that some of them will become administrators someday.
    2. Patients are harder to kill than they led us to believe in school. Still you can do it if you try hard.
    3. Never try to lift what you can roll. Never roll you can work around. Never work around what you can have move on its own.
    4. Save some time to play with the children (new grads). YOu will all benefit from it.
    5. All bleeding stops. All fevers return to normal.
    6. When getting a history of ETOH use multiply by 3.
    7. When assessing children remember, things are not likely to be as bad as the most frantic parent believes, but things are probably worse than you think.
    8. Never miss a chance to eat or go to the bathroom. YOu never know when you will get to again.
  3. by   lm57lm57
    I really appreciated the comment about respect. The fact that doctors can disagree but remain respectful is so important to consider as nurses. I believe respect of each other is very important and will improve working conditions.
    I teach nursing students in the clinical setting and try very hard to respect each and every one. It is painful to watch other nurses treat the students as "nobody". I can assure you there are those wonderful nurses that teach and encourage my students and give me and them hope.............
  4. by   prmenrs
    I'm a 34 yr veteran. It helps me to remember that I didn't what I didn't know back then either.

    If a new grad pays you the compliment of asking you how to (fill in the balnk), return it--ask her somethng you can't remember for the life of you, never learned, etc.

    Make 'em laugh--helps everyone's day go better, esp. mine.
  5. by   prmenrs
    And one more thing---Sometimes, mothering and hugs are just what they ( and everyone else) needs. Be there! Listening is good, too.
  6. by   micro
    Originally posted by Brownms46

    Micro...you lost me...you want to explain that one to me???

    as to the reference I made to another take on the serenity prayer.........love bill the cat and will try to give correct url here so you can see what i was referring to


    hope it loads......will not repeat if if doesn't.....as do not want to monopolize bandwith

    as to my way of micro talking sometimes.....sorry it is just I and my thoughts moving at the speed of micro.............actually.....

    boy do I second you and respect your posts and opinions

    and to all others here...........

    great thread
  7. by   mattsmom81
    Thank you Micro, I also enjoy your posts too! I find your posts fairly easy to read actually...you write your thoughts and that's how to read you...no problem for me!

    It would be a pretty boring world if we all did things the same way...a 'Stepford BB' doesn't sound like much fun to me....

    Celebrate BB diversity!
  8. by   mustangsheba
    The very most important attribute of an aged, gifted, gnarly, tenacious, gritty nurse is a sense of humor! Oh, yes, and A SENSE OF HUMOR!!
  9. by   micro
    back at you mattsmom81.........

    stepford BB not for me either........

    micro is anything but stepford....anything

    mustangsheba........sense of humor, oh, yeah a sense of humor, and yes again a sense of humor.............and did i agree with you saying a sense of humor...........

  10. by   heartrhythm

    1. Don't sweat the "small stuff". Get the big jobs done: pass meds; physical assessments; tests. Any TLC can be given on your time of breaks(that don't happen); meals???do nurses eat?,"potty-time"??: nurses' bladders are ever expandible; always smile when offering coffee, tea or ME!

    2. Don't eat the young; they are faster and willling to jump into that CODE BLUE. You've saved enough lives; give them a chance!

    I really can't think of 10 ideas off the top of my head. We all went into nursing to do our best to help others who were ill and felt lost or forgotten or scared. We (who still love nursing) have those same ideals and want to be empathetic and caring; the ever-changing physical environment/demands; politics of admin./medicine; legal issues are more in the frontlines of patient care. There are too many forces taking the "humanness" out of our care.

    I have been a nurse for 30+ years. It is a real challenge to be organized, challenged with modern medicine, and yet stay focused on why we entered the nursing profession: to make the life of someone else a little easier during a time of need/pain/misfortune/lonelilness.

    Another whole issue is that nursing is truly a profession and not just a job. The general public need continuous education on this which can only change as we change our image and care for each other PROFESSIONALLY.[IMG]http://[/IMG]
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  11. by   teeituptom
    Howdy Yall
    From deep in the heart of Texas

    10 things for older nurse to remember

    Number 10- go to the bathroom at every available opportunity. A full bladder makes you grouchy.

    Number 9. Eat when you can, be sure to keep your fiber intake up to promote regularity. and follow number 10.

    Number 8 Be nice to the new nurses and new grads and orientees, In a few years they may taking care of you.

    Number 7. Dont eat chili and beans before going to work. and follow number 10

    Number 6 remember to use progressive lenses in your bifocals, that way no one will know.

    Number 5. Be aware that they do have electronically amplified stethoscopes now.

    Number 4. remember an aspirin a day has replaced and apple a day, but it doesnt taste as good.

    Number 3. For you men stay away from young female nurses, you cant afford them.

    Number 2. For you women, stay away from young male nurses, do you really want to raise another child.

    Number 1 remeber the words of Willie Nelson. "Mamas dont let your children grow to be nurses" eeehhhaawwwww

    keep it in the short grass yall
  12. by   babsRN
    My best lesson...always leave a courtesy tab.
  13. by   micro
    courtesy tab?????????