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Hello all, I'm starting this thread for the new applicants for the hrsa nursing scholarship 09-10. Tor prettylady, I think its a random selection. Its the luck of the draw.... Read More

  1. by   khervey
    I called the call center and the rep told me that letters have been sent but if you haven't gotten anything in the next few weeks then you will definitely know that you didn't receive it by October 31st. She stated that some of the letters went out late. I'm not sure why it would take "a few weeks" to receive a notification letter if they've all been sent. This is confusing me and I think I'm finally through trying to figure this out (because it's impossible with all the misleading information) and will just keep praying and wait.
  2. by   Acestudent21
    Hello, I am new to this thread. I would like to say that I received the finalist notification in Sept., but have yet to get this "banking phone call". Being that it is the government I would assume that there is a systematic approach to contacting people such as alphabetical order. Not sure, but this would clearly make sense because the 2 or 3 that got a phone call received them on different days. I wish you all Good Luck and Congratulations to those that have received it already.
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  3. by   misslolalady
    Like I said before, I have not gotten the letter yet. The rep I spoke with told me, "Congratulations" And stated that we would be "friends for the next 2 years". Anyhow, I don't expect a letter this week. I am guessing the letters sent out will be staggered. And like we website says, winners will be notified "Early-Mid. Oct.".
  4. by   21amarice
    I am really dissapointed with how long this process is taking. I also received an email mid september stating I was a finalist, and have not heard anything since. I have been keeping track of this blog for months now but have remained silent until now. I was told today by a HRSA rep that some letters were sent out late, but they dont know what time this month, which is confusing. The last rep told me letters were sent out last week and would be in the mail last weekend. Then another rep told me if I dont hear anything by this week then I most likely did not receive the scholarship. So I am very CONFUSED?? & am giving up hope for now.
  5. by   stdjlg37
    don't give up too much...there are several students in my nursing class that didn't get accepted until the friday before the monday we started class because people dropped out or no showed...so i am not giving up until october 31st or i receive confirmation either way, so halloween I will be eating lots of candy in celebration or in a depression...LOL! i think someone would post their official receipt on this blog, so i am holding onto the fact no one has received a letter yet, which i agree, really stinks and we should get the same answer from each different rep everyone has talked to, not 5 million different explanations...still don't understand why we can't log in somewhere and find out.
  6. by   yelnikmcwawa
    Has anyone else gotten a call yet? Still no letter or email for me. I'm starting to doubt this all
  7. by   vikings203
    Don't give up yet guys. I also received a finalist email sept. 15th and, actually missed the email so that friday a rep named eve marrow called me on my cell and asked me if I was offered the award would I acept or decline. Then she re-sent the email and I faxed back that same reply letter that many of us got. I spoke to a rep yesterday and they said that notifications were being sent out late and I would know somthing by at least the 31st. Keep hope guys just wait it out and believe that it is in your favor.
  8. by   mistydale13
    no letter for me either! only reason i got a call is cause my routing number was off... otherwise i would be in the same boat.
  9. by   stdjlg37
    This is the response i got from an email today:

    Thank you for your inquiry to the HRSA Call Center.

    All we know is that you will be notified by the end of this month. As to when the acceptance and denied notifications are actually mailed, we do not have that information.

    So still no answer...just FYI.
  10. by   servant-leader
    is there any chance that we could receive the scholarship at this point if we didn't receive an email?
  11. by   yelnikmcwawa
    Quote from servant-leader
    is there any chance that we could receive the scholarship at this point if we didn't receive an email?
    I don't see how any of us could answer that. We have no clue who is getting this and who isn't.
  12. by   mistydale13
    is there anyone who meets the first preference that didnt get the e-mail?
  13. by   stdjlg37
    I am a first preference, I did get the email, but still no letter yet...