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Hello all, I'm starting this thread for the new applicants for the hrsa nursing scholarship 09-10. Tor prettylady, I think its a random selection. Its the luck of the draw.... Read More

  1. by   MassagetoRN
    Ok, I have a question about the credit check... (Yes, I am back on that, and going crazy too. Walking by faith is hard!!)
    khervey, did you have your credit checked?
    Those that did have their credit checked, do you currently have student loans in defferment or repayment?
    I have 3-4 loans with different servicers, and the most recent I took out this past April. I didn't have my credit checked but am in the first funding group, and have confirmed that they got my paperwork on time. I am thinking that maybe they didn't pull my credit since I so recently took a loan that they had the info availble...... Grasping at straws here.....
  2. by   IheartICU
    Are stafford loans considered deferred loans?
  3. by   khervey
    Yes, my credit was checked in August I believe. I do currently have student loans that are in deferrment.
  4. by   khervey
    Also, did you use Experian to check your credit report because I believe some people were saying that all companies weren't showing HRSA on theirs but Experian worked for them. I used Experian too.
  5. by   MassagetoRN
    Yes, stafford loans are federal student loans that are usually deffered when you are in school. I checked Experian through mid Aug and Transunion as of today and nothing. Khervey, are your loans recent or have then been deffered for awhile? Thanks!
  6. by   IheartICU
    Are they doing credit checks to look for deferred loans (like staffords) and if you have deferred loans is that a bad thing from their point of view?
  7. by   MassagetoRN
    No, they are looking for a default on a federal student loan. That you took one out and never paid on it. Its part of the application process, and its listed somewhere in the student bulletin. You can have loans, you just need to be in good standing, whether they are in defferment or repayment. Thats all they are looking at, nothing else about your credit matters......
  8. by   yelnikmcwawa
    So now this question...to those that are locked out of the HRSA signin page now, did you get a credit check?

    Did anyone NOT get a credit check but can still sign in, or DID get a credit check but is locked out now?
  9. by   MassagetoRN
    I did NOT get a credit check and can still sign in.....
  10. by   ellieut
    I did get a credit check and I can still sign in
  11. by   toya0419
    I have a possible solution to why everyone credit was not checked. My thinking is that they randomly checked credit.Maybe every 3rd application...etc. That's what many organizations do because it's cost effective. It does not make much sense that the people who's credit was checked are the only ones in the running when they JUST started doing rankings and many people who have not had their credit checked are in the first funding preference.

    By the way I had my credit checked and I can still log in.
  12. by   toya0419
    One other thing. Would anyone that is unable to log in be willing to call in to hrsa and ask why they have been locked out of their account?
  13. by   shannahan
    I had my credit checked and I can still log in.