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One night we got a new admission into ICU from ER. It was a female patient being admitted with COPD in her 40's. She did not appear to be in distress and was able to talk with o2 on vital signs... Read More

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    Re TVCCRN's statement about not removing saline locs 'til they're practically in the vehicle, when my honey & I were newly-married and he was in his internship in NY, I was nursing at a hospital across town. A 20-ish yr. old dying of liver Ca. was to be sent to the larger facility where John was practicing for a CAT, by ambulance. She'd been "weaned" off of steroids in the preceeding days and there was an order to remove the IV. No way! I made a heploc out of it, for luck, and sent her out in a claustrophobic ambulance in midday traffic jams in a snowstorm. Sure enough she coded in the scanner. John, in the ER that month, ran to help, and ---perhaps this was a blessing for her---she never knew what hit her and passed on. Being a teaching hospital, they hit her with everything and everyone they had. Had she no access there wouldn't have been one forthcoming. One of the anesthesiologists had had to find this one; her vessels were so scarred. Can you imagine what the jerk who ordered the IV to be d/c'd must have been not thinking with??? And they call some of them doctors....... "First, do no harm."-----Hippocrates-----
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    Ministers' wives and kids........hard life, man!
    What's really fun is walking into an ER room and telling one of your husband's deacons to take off his pants.
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    I could not get the blasted food out of her throat and let the (male) Med Aid take over...lol .. He got behind her and every time he did the upward thrust the patient let out a big ole fart....
    I was laughing so hard that it was almost impossible for me to tell him his hands were in the wrong place....anyway we got her airway and her colon clear.......
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    That's EXACTLY what I was going to post, NurseCherlove!
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    "When he sat up it seemed his whole stomach pushed out like a fist was inside pushing out. It stuck out about a foot. When he went down, it went away and when he sat up out came this big thing. It kinda looked like the thing in alien right before it breaks out of the host body."

    I am sitting here picturing this in my mind and trying not to fall off of my chair laughing!! Good story! Thanks for sharing!!:chuckle
    Like the movie "Alien" with a toothy critter popping out of the abdomen!