*HELP*Confusion with Interview??

  1. It's been sooooo long since I've interviewed for a position, and today I went on an interview for a home health agency...

    She told me coverage area, responsibilities, when orientation would start, etc.

    At the end of the interview she asked if I had any questions....well "YES, what is the rate of pay?" Valid question, I would presume as I am there to get paid...she said "that is up to Kimberly in Human resources once we have verified your work history and you have cleared your background check."

    I've been in hospital nursing for 10 yrs and granted, i've only worked at 4 hospitals and I was only hired by 2 and transferred to sister facilities, but they ALWAYS gave an INDICATION of rate of pay...

    Has anyone else ran into this? I mean, HOW can you POSSIBLY say IF you are INTERESTED????? if you have NO IDEA what your rate of pay, or even a ballpark figure will be......I mean if you offer me $20/h, no i'm not interested, but if you offer me $35/visit, yes i'd be interested.

    Am I just being weird, how can you possibly make a decision of interest?

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  3. by   Antikigirl
    Frankly I would say "well I will look forward in hearing my payscale from her then, and will consider the position once that is established and agreed upon".

    I would NOT take on a position until I know what my pay will be! An employer would be stupid to think someone would! Nope, no signing on the line until I know what my pay will be and my benifits! That is just reasonable!

    I would be leary infact of someone offering me the job and not having the pay I should expect known and available for my consideration! What else will they throw at me and expect for me to do before I am alowed to consider it????? Not to mention that interviewer should have gotten up and found out right then and there! Something odd is going on...and I would find the organization less than professional, and that would weigh heavy on my choice!

    No I don't think you are being wierd! You seem to be the one with sense! If I am being hired, I feel that they find me of value and will tell me what I will earn as part of that value...they don't bother to find out right then and there, or just leave it in the air...well, I must not be that valuable to them afterall! And that is a sign of things to come down the road...

    Good luck!
  4. by   nuangel1
    i agree .i have come across this in inteviews over last few yrs.usually you meet with hr person that day they give you pay rate based on yrs experience with shift and wekend diff it is dependent on your clearing background check .then you decide whether you are interested after that .
  5. by   barbyann
    I had this scenario once when I interviewed for a state job. This was a union run ICF, and pay based on past experience in the specific field (MR/DD). You did have to prove your past pay scale in the field (they match or better it). They also take into account any work you've done for the city and apply it to your start at new job. It was complicated, I needed to send lots of documents and supply phone numbers for verification but was so worth it! I started my state job with 3 years seniority and on level 6 payscale. All this was done by human resources so interviewer did not have answers for me. It took weeks to finally get a figure from them but I just held tight.
  6. by   AtlantaRN
    thank you all!!!! I interviewed for a prn hospice position yesterday and right off the bat "$28/h + $2/h on call, would you be interested...." well at least then I knew what the offer was and it's local, so yes, interested, they hired me on the spot and filled out all paperwork.

    The one where they wouldn't even give me a "range" of what starting pay is made me leery, it's "tender loving care" home health. it said "community health" on the door but said they had been bought out by TLC...the are in Newnan, GA.

    Weird, then she tells me that Orientation would start in January....why even tell me that or even ask when I am scheduled to work at my other job, if you aren't making an offer.....

    I mean, we're out there to make money right????? Not just for the ulcer?

    thanks again!

  7. by   TammyJo
    I recently interviewed for a job and the rate of pay never came up. I wanted to know what it was, but didn't know if it was appropriate to ask or not. When they called me a few days later they told me the pay rate, cost of insurance and a few other details, offered me the job and then asked if I was interested. In the few days that I was waiting for them to call me I kept going over and over in my head what I would do if they offered me a lower amount of money. I wish it would have been covered in orientation, I just didn't know how to ask about it.
  8. by   nurseontheloose
    even after, 13 years of nursing, i am afraid of asking about pay. i am a travel nurse, and i still haven't figured out how to ask for more pay, i am afraid to ask for more pay i usually "settle" for what ever they first offer me, because i am scared i will not get the position. any suggestions
  9. by   purplemania
    I think part of the problem is in the system of hiring. HR does a portion and the unit manager does a portion in our facility. The manager wants a committment but HR holds the purse strings. So the interviewee is in the middle. When I was hired I told my boss (now) that I was very interested and hope to hear from them soon. Then I discussed salary with HR. Wish it were different though. However, once hired it makes it easier to have relationship with manager since she does not sign my check.
  10. by   augigi
    Pay negotiation is DEFINITELY something I had huge trouble with after years of nursing at award wages. My move to corporate work has helped enormously. I've learned that if you don't ask, you don't get. It's still hard, but not as hard as feeling underappreciated because you aren't happy!

    I wouldn't think it was too strange if they didn't know the exact pay, but they should be able to give a salary range, dependent on experience. I'd be happy to say "I am definitely interested, and I'll make a firm decision just as soon as I receive the final salary offer".