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Galen College of Nursing

Is anybody familiar with the Galen college of nursing.I am interested in the lpn-adn-bsn program and curious how it works. I would want to do the online program and also wondered about the cost.

I start Galen college in San Antonio in Jan 2015-I'm doing the online lvn to rn bridge program. the cost is about 20,000 out of pocket

I have several friends who attended their St.Pete campus who loved it. It's tough though and they don't play on attendance. But all passed on their first attempt.

Kaligirl02, ADN, BSN, MSN, LVN, RN, APRN, NP

Specializes in NICU( RN), Pediatric Nurse Practitioner.

I am going into my last qtr in January (woot,woot), here in San Antonio. The LVN-RN program AT FIRST seemed like a breeze, but once you get to QTR 4, watch out! Thankfully I have passed each class without having to repeat any, but I study my butt off. The clinical sites I visited have been wonderful and I have learned so much; My favorite site has been METHODIST STONE OAK. The rotations for NUR 260, I feel, really puts the whole LVN/RN difference to rest. Let me know if you have any specific questions you need answered!

Natasha, CNA, LVN

Specializes in Psych.

Hello kaligirl02 I'm interested in hearing more about the bridge program. How many credits and what classes did you transfer for the loan to be 7k? Florida or texas. Also, do they provide grant financial aid? How is the cost of living and job market for new grad lvn or cna with psych exp? I'm a single person.no kids. Studio apt. Thanks hope to hear from you.

I'm currently attending Galen's Tampa Bay campus for their LPN to RN bridge hybrid program. I transferred the maximum number of credits allowed (51% of all credits must be from Galen to graduate) and will have a loan total in the end for just under $18k. The cost right now is $335 per hour. I have heard good things about the school and it was one of the few that I could find that would accept my old credits (although if registered after Oct 2,2014 they will require all math and science course to be completed less than 5 years before enrolling). All theory is online. Testing for all nursing theory is on campus in the evening. Labs are on campus in the evening. Clinicals are typically 12 hour days in facilities and start the third quarter. I am in my first quarter so I can only offer what it was like to take developmental psych and computers online. From what I have heard there is a lot more involvement with the online courses. There are weekly discussions that require three posts on different days during that week. The psych course usually had a quiz or exam each week and a final paper at the end of the quarter with the discussions. The computer course had the discussions also with weekly assignments and a total of 5 quizzes with a final project. The lectures are usually power points or online videos to watch. I have "A"s in both but it was a lot more time consuming than the microbiology and math courses that I took at SPC. This may be because I took them in 2003&2004 when online courses weren't that well developed. From what I have heard you can go straight into the BSN program when done with the ADN, you just have to have your RN license before you can take the nursing courses but can start on the general ED. I'm not sure what the percentage of credits that can transfer over from other colleges applies to this program, but my guess would be that it would be like the ADN transfer policy. Hope this information is helpful.

hi how has Galen worked out for u? do u know anyone who has had problems practicing

outside of texas? im curious to know if we meet education requirements to practice in other

stAtes. i kno they say galen is sac accredited but under texas is

shows board granted a certificate not accreditation for applied science degree jus curious if u know how that affects out if state rn

licenses. Thank you

I had a friend who attended the St. Pete campus and got pregnant right in the middle of school and loved it. She graduated and got a job right away.

I graduated from the Lpn-RN bridge program and loved it! It was the best choice for me

Hi Amber, I am considering Galen as well. Are you doing the combined hybrid program? If so how many days a week or a month are you on site? I am in the Houston area and would need to drive quite a bit. Thanks!

Congrats Kaligirl! Looks like you have been busy. I am also considering the San Antonio location. Did you do the hybrid program or the on site? If hybrid how often were you required to be on campus? Thanks a lot! Heather

Natasha, CNA, LVN

Specializes in Psych.

kaligirl I read that you paid 12k. what pre reqs did you have done?

also does Galen accept clep classes for pre reqs?

is the program total 27 months or 20 months? thank you


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