Full time work and NS: can it be done?

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I'm pre-nursing, and next semester is when I must apply for Nursing (heres hoping I make it in! Grades good so far, so trying to be optimistic.) I am wondering how many of you worked full time while you were in NS, especially when clinicals started. I know every state and/or facility is different, but do the clinical hours usually allow for you to work full time? Also, how hard was it working f/t thru NS if you managed? I'm trying to determine if I need to start looking for p/t work, and leave the f/t behind. ("no work" financially isn't much of an option, if you know what I mean.) Thx in advance for any help!

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I really don't know of anyone who works full time. I would definitely suggest trying to look for part time work. Before starting the program, I always worked full time and went to school. First semester I worked 30 hours per week. It was doable mostly because I had all of my classes including clinical on Monday and Tuesdays. My job works 4 tens Tuesday- Friday, so I only had to miss one day a week. This semester I work five days per two week pay period. Rolling in to third (and hardest semester I hear) I am only going to work two days a week. Nursing school isn't as hard as it is time consuming. It is very important to ensure that you have adequate time to study and do all of your homework. Hope my post isn't too discouraging! I have a mortgage to pay, and know exactly what it is like to have the stress of bills to pay + wanting to do well in school. Good Luck to you!!

Not discouraging kylee, just honest! I appreciate your advice, very much. I have been assuming that I would probably have to look for part time soon, you are confirming my suspicions. :) Good luck to you too!!

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I can honestly tell you that out of the 9 who are left in my clinical group (first semester), none of the students who work F/T have higher than a 79%. I'm not saying it can't be done, it's just difficult. Though there are those in my class who work 30 hours a week and are holding a strong B. Then there are those who have a F/T job, three toddlers and F/T nursing student who are passing. My hat's off to them.

I work full time and am in my 3rd year, I've done it every year. I also have good grades, A's and B's. It's not easy, but it can be done. You have to have really good time management. A flexible job is nice too.

Do a search for full time work and nursing school, there are many many posts on here about this topic.

I worked 40 hours at one job, and 10 more hours as a math tutor all throughout nursing school. My gf worked 40+ hours at the pharmacy...both of us graduated with honors while more than half of our class we started with, didn't make it. 99 out of 100 people can tell you it's impossible to work full time, but it's really up to the person. But there were a few in my class who worked full time and did fine, and others did not. I really didn't think it was that bad and all the working helped me to not get burned out on studying. And then you have people who quit their jobs and study 40+ hours a week, but still fail. It's up to you.

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It's amazing what you can accomplish when you don't have any other options. Don't let other people's experiences scare you - if you need to work full time, then do it and find a way to make it work. What's worse for you - having no life temporarily because you work and go to school full time, or working part time and spending your free time stressing about paying your bills.

It's all about time management.

I worked 40+ hours a week, and maintained a 4.0 through my LPN and RN programs. It sucked and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone, but it's what I *had* to do. I had an incredibly supportive spouse, a job where I could do some of my homework during downtimes and which accommodated my clinical schedule, and my kids were as understanding and flexible as they could be as preschoolers/elementary schoolers. I'm a good student and I love school, generally, so the actual academic aspect wasn't a struggle, just trying to fit 30 hours a day into 24. I gained 20#, I slept about 4 hours a night some weeks, and was physically and emotionally exhausted a lot of the time. Breaks were spent sleeping. I did break it up: I took a couple of years off between my LPN year and my RN year.

It's like a bad dream now, several years later. It was a good thing, and our family has benefitted greatly from my degree. I love my job, I love my three 12hour shifts a week, I love the income and the job security that I have. It was totally worth it to suffer those two years.

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I worked full-time through most of nursing school (cut my hrs down in my next to last semester, critical care as it got to be too much). Is it possible? Yes, but you will be burnt out by the end. If you absolutely have to do it, it can be done, provided you are a good time manager. I would also look into if you qualify for student loans, in the event it gets to be too much to juggle in the later semesters, that way you at least know if you have other options.

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I worked full time during LPN school and while finishing up my prereqs. Now I'm in an LPN/BSN bridge program and only working 2 days/week and taking call every other week. Only you know what's best for you. Good luck!

Thanks so much for all the replies and support. I will say that just pre-nursing and f/t work is tough! Thanks again. Don't know where I would be without the info and support I have found on this site.

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It really depends on you. If you are a self-motivated student with good time management skills it is possible. I work 3-12hr shifts at a hospital and am doing the RN program full-time. I do have a fantastic spouse that does almost everything around the house and keeps our daughter busy while I study. It is very tiring. I would not be working FT if I didnt *have* to. It will be hard and there are times when you realize that you have done your careplans, medsheets, and studying-- its 6am-- you have clinicals in 45min and you forgot to wash your school scrubs :) lol. In all seriousness I wouldn't recommend it but its definitely possible.

Good Luck!

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