Frustrated! Nursing recruiter has not called back!


Ok, SO I found out I passed my NCLEX Monday & Applied for an entry level ER job on Tuesday (VERY hard to come by around here). The nurse recruiter called me Wednesday and was very interested in my resume. I took some personality test he gave me and he said I scored an "A" on it. He said he would talk to the ER nurse manager and get back to me either way. That was yesterday morning. Do I need to give it more time? Or should I call him back tomorrow? I really want this job bad!

Does it typically take this long to get an interview?



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Yes give it more time, I talked to a recruiter for almost a month before i lined up an interview, granted that is unusually long as there wasn't a position open right away. After I was offered an interview it was a few days before it was arranged. I would give him a week, the HR is undoubtedly really busy and trying to handle many applicants.

However it is a good sign that the recruiter liked your resume. I would certainly wait another day or two. Maybe try emailing the recruiter if you have an email for them. It would let them know you are interested but not too desperate. I know its hard to wait but try to be patient.

Good Luck!!!



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yes, give it more time. one day is not long enough


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Too early.

You need to wait.

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Does it typically take this long to get an interview?

In this job market...yes. There's too many candidates and not enough jobs, so employers can afford to cherry-pick candidates if they want--they don't have to rush. Good for for us though.



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So, I am wondering if I shouls call today. last time I talked to him was Wednesday afternoon. I just don't want to look pushy....


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so, i am wondering if i shouls call today. last time i talked to him was wednesday afternoon. i just don't want to look pushy....

i do not know what "pushy" means in this economy. do you want the job or not??? if you want the job then call back. you waited almost a week; i do not see the harm in calling this week.



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i think calling in a week is appropriate- they may not have a decision but they will know you are eager and want this position. I think calling once a week is good- its what I am doing until I hear the position was fulfilled(and hopefully it is by me! :wink2:)You could also send a thank you card to keep your name fresh in mind! Good luck!

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