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MeganNYRN has 5 years experience and specializes in Pediatrics.

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  1. Doing group work is annoying?

    Of course it's harder but I suspect that's the point, as a nurse you have to do things the harder way sometimes and you always have to work with a team. Good Luck!
  2. Pediatric BMT

    CHOP has a separate unit but I think the nurses move back and forth as needed.
  3. LPNs in Children's Hospitals?

    Nope you have a shot as a two year degree RN but most big teaching hospitals are preferentially hiring BSN( four year RN) now.
  4. Did I Pass?

    It's always a thin envelope just open it to find out!
  5. Any PICU RNs from CHOP or Boston Children's here?

    Chop PICU does not really use techs only for stocking not pt care. There are three receptionists most if the time since the unit is in three sections . There are also three charge nurses without assignments. Plus a resource nurse or two with no p...
  6. Finally have a pediatric interview...HELP!

    Research the hospital and ask informed questions. Such as pt ratios, programs to support families, types of patients, what PEDIATRIC trauma level the hospital maintains(not always the same as adult level). Expressing a passion for pediatric nursing ...
  7. Best training ground for PICU wannabe

    Look for PICU as well many hospitals will accept people with adult experience. Good Luck
  8. The LEAST critically ill kid you've cared for in PICU :)

    I worked in a PICU that took every pt that had a VP shunt not just malfunctions. If a pt coming in for an t+a or appendectomy etc had a VP shunt they had to stay in PICU through discharge. Apparently due to a sentinel event but it seemed silly to h...
  9. Best training ground for PICU wannabe

    Given that your goal is PICU I would start in Peds, which is what I did. After two years I moved and got a job in the PICU at CHOP, I worked there for a year and it was a great experience but I believe my peds background was very helpful. I now flo...
  10. Starting my preceptorship next week

    There are tons of procedures to prepare for so it may be better to make a list as you see things,ask questions and look things up when you get home. Every PICU has a different population but generally intubations, ventilators of various types, sedat...
  11. Maternal Newborn CCCP

    I don't know of any nursing certification that doesn't require 2000 hrs of clinical practice. If you are interested in PICU I would looked into taking a PALS class or NRP if you want NICU. YouCAN take pals/NRP in nursing school but not certificatio...
  12. first steps to nursing course

    What kind of project informative or research based project? The first things that come to mind include pain management in children and infants, hydrocephalus, congenital cardiac repairs, asthma, epilepsy diagnostics and treatment. Any body system y...
  13. Frequency of BP in Pediatric Patients

    I agree with the reply about attempting a BP every four hours but you can't just not try. Blood pressures can be very valuable even in children especially with neurological deterioration and fluid status. I have been a general pediatric and PICU nu...
  14. Sleep Mask

    What about using tension rods to put up light blocking lined curtains? It doesn't damage anything as thrift inside the window that's what I did when living in a furnished appt because the sleep masks don't stay on for me. Best of Luck!
  15. new grads and orientation

    This doesn't sound like a good way to orient someone and your manger sounds as terrific as mine(my manager is AWKWARD and critical of everything). When I oriented almost 2 years ago I had a long orientation with 10weeks of orientation on days before...

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