Free Practice Exams for Excelsior Exams 11/10-12/22


Raggedy Ann

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Just my luck...I already purchased all of the practice tests. Traci

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Thank you! What a great Thanksgiving gift!


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Thank you so much. This could not have come at a better time.



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Thanks for the info. I doubt I would have seen it otherwise. A good example of what this site has to offer. Thanks again.:p


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Just a warning. I tried to register for the free practice exam but the registration form required credit card info. There was no place to indicate FREE PROMO as instructed in the link. I have no idea how one is to take advantage of the offer and emailed the school for assistance.


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I was able to register without problems. There's an area that asks for the coupon.


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fyi i just tried to use the code for multiple exams and it only let me use it for one of them. i emailed tech support and she said the promo is only good for one exam. wish they put that on the website before i got my hopes up.


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I went back and found where I missed the place to put in the info for the free tests. It's at the bottom of the listing of available tests; if you go too fast, it is easy to miss. I emailed them and hope to get an answer back. I think they are misleading when they give this offer but don't say it is for one test only. Should have known there would be a catch. Anyway, thanks for the info anyway. I hope I get a response from them.

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Awesome. Thanks for the heads-up. Even if it's only for one exam, that's $65 saved! :up:


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I just looked at this again on EC website. It says that you have to be signed up for and ECE and then you can sign up for the Free practice test.


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