Freaking out..?


Okay. Should I be worried ?

I am graduating nursing school in 50 days and have been applying to nursing positions like crazy and have not heard anything yet. I have lupus and I am trying to avoid areas like ED and Med/Surg for obvious reasons. I have literally applied to everything out there and I have other hospital experience.. why am I not hearing back ?


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Define "everything out there." Do you mean everything in a hospital except the ED and med/surg? Or have you tried outside the hospital too?

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It could be for a lot of different reasons. How many applications have you put in? How many days ago?

When I applied at the last facility I worked for, it took several weeks before HR even forwarded my application to the unit manager. Then it took another couple of weeks for him to get in touch with me. It is NOT a quick process.

And it might be because you are still 2-3 mos out from taking the NCLEX (If you are in the USA). They might be waiting until you are closer to graduation. There are a lot of reasons. Try to be patients.


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Because you are not a nurse yet. Apply to new grad programs. That will be your best bet.


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Where I live, they will not even interview and hire you as a nurse until you have passed the NCLEX. I know it's different in other places. But the point is, it's a little early to be getting worried. JMO.

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Thank you everyone! Maybe it is a little early to apply ? I am anticipating sitting for my nclex in September. I am applying to about 9 positions a week (clinical I nurse (no experience) and all of the new graduates residency programs! I am doing my best to avoid applying to a med/surg or ED unit. Just because they require a lot physically. It is refreshing to hear it took someone months to hear back. .

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I have a friend with SLE and she works in mental health - she's done it since she was a new grad.

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I developed SLE after working as an RN for ten years - I spent another ten years on medical disability believing not only would I never return to nursing, but that I was not long for this world either.

I was wrong about both.

In 2014 I returned to work full time doing telephone triage nursing from home. It's the best job I've ever had. I work in my pajamas, set up my work station with a Lazyboy recliner, and it's the shortest commute I've ever had. When I have flares I am able to manage my pain in the privacy of my own house with ice or heat, and my coworkers and boss are super supportive. Plus, because I'm immunosuppressed I'm not exposed to everyone's germs. I thank God every day I found this position (or maybe it found me?).

I encourage you to check it out once you've got at least a year of clinical nursing skills under your belt. And best of luck to you in your new nursing career.

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I think the problem is you are applying for RN jobs and you are not an RN. Computerized applications are going to spit you out. And you can forget about getting a call as a courtesy. Hospitals don't do that any more.