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Urgh! I am so mad I could just scream right now!:( I started classes today in CA. 1st up is Micro, very important right now, last class I need to have done to apply for spring RN program, all others I can take during program. I get there @ 9am with 30 other students. After waiting 10 min for instructor, dean shows up and tells us the class is probably going to be a victim of the budget cuts! They can't find anyone to teach the class. So we students are pretty much screwed. Because of budget cuts state wide, most colleges are not offering as many courses. This class was the only one being offered at this college. Other colleges 30 min -1hr away, they are all full! I just wanna cry, this means I won't be able to apply for the spring RN program, I will have to wait until fall! It's really sucks! okay thanks for listening to me vent....


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Yeah, that really does suck. I'm here in CA, too, and it just doesn't seem right taht they are cutting so many classes, and raising our tuition. How is anyone supposed to go to school?

I know last spring when I took micro there were a lot of people trying to get in the class. At that time they had so many they started another class that met on Fri & Sat. I don't think anything like that will happen now. Where in CA are you?


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Ya they raised the the price to $18 a unit, talking about going to $24 a unit! I am taking 14 units! Alsothey say fincial aid is getting cut to. I am in Lemoore, about 1 hour away from you. Going to Drive up to Fresno City to see if I can crash their micor course. tred to register online but I am not eligible until they recieve my application. So instead of mailing I am going to drive up there. Still not sure if I will get into any of them....

Okay maybe not, after reviwing their pre-reqs for micor says I need chem class. I haven't taken that yet, that class starts for me Tues in Coalinga. Now I am going to have to call...:rolleyes:


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Try to get the students in the nursing program to collectively approach the biology department and "beg" them not to drop the course because it is so badly needed by so many students. Remember, there is power in numbers!


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Oh, you guys are scaring me. I am a student in CA also and am worried that this might happen to me. I am saving Physiology for my last class to take while I enroll for the program, but it looks like I better try and squeeze it in the same time I take Micro, which is something I don't want to do. DAMN THE BUDGET. Sorry but I agree, they raise our tuition, cut classes and teachers and yeah the stupid Governor recall. They have 70 million dollars to spend on that but no money for schools. I think our government needs a total recall. They have their heads up their as*es. Sorry just venting


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I know just where you are! West Hills College??

Have you been able to find them (micro classes) on the WebAdvisor?? I think they were taking the full ones off. I have a friend in the evening class that starts tonight. I'm not sure what time it starts, and I don't know how many other classes there are. Maybe you could try COS? I don't know anything about them, though!

Where are you thinking of doing your RN? I start at FSU next Monday. They raised our tuition from $984 to $1207. That's after a raise they just implemented in the spring semester. So far they haven't cut any of the classes, but they have said they will do it in the spring. Also, next fall they will be denying 30,000 apps in the entire system (State University System, that is!). But, as a transfer student, if you choose to go there, you should have a good chance.


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nursemelanie...I totally agree with you!! Couldn't have said it any better myself! Where in CA are you? I see you are in the central valley as well.

If you are wanting to take it next semester, you probably will be able to...but I wouldn't trust anything right now. Not with everything that is going on! Usually if you apply early you are okay. But obviously this wasn't the case for lunakat!


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hey all, i'm in missouri, i just want to say, i'm sooo sorry for what you are going through, but you all seem like fighters and its good that you arent giving up. Keep up the hussling, something will work out for you i'm sure of it. I know its easy for me to say because i'm not there but i know how it feels to want something so bad, so my fingers are crossed and you all are in my prayers. good luck to you.

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I just amazed that classes are so cheap in California. At the community college here it's $78 a unit.


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Sagelola: Ya I am at West Hills. All classes are full! The Dean told us they were all full. Looked at Web advisor, it says ours was the only one being offered but says it was full. Usually the site will tell you all available classes that are offered even if they are full. So the full one should have been listed. Unfortunately I can't squeeze into the night program, I have chem. and speech @ night as well as a full time job. Tried Fresno City and COS, both full and require you to have finished Chem. before enrolling in class. They started an RN program @ Westhills through Bakersfield. This semester is the 1st class. They are teaching it via satellite so should be interesting. I was trying to get in for their Spring program...

essarge: unfortunately the RN program is new so I don't know who is in it, also they all have already taken the Micro course as it is required before you enter into the program. As for the rest of us who want to get into the program there are many but the state doesn't have enough money to hire someone. people in numbers yes, but against the budget at this moment no, election is around corner but it won't help me now, also it is not entirely Grey Davis Fault, he may have signed but Senate proposed.

Nurse Mel: Good luck to you in Physiology, they probably won't cut you class, depend on your college. Where are you going? Beware any class that says Staff as instructor, this means they didn't have anyone hired yet for the position.

Going to see counselor now, and see what my options are. This should be fun since this is the first day of classes so I may be there for an hour or more....


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I'm from Ventura and San Diego, went to school in both places. When I started school it was 10$ a unit, at it's highest point it was 13 a unit, then, I think around 1999 it was lowerd back to 11 a unit.

With that said, I can remeber trying to get classes and having a hell of a time. I knew people who would reg for anything they could since it was so cheap. drove me crazy.

I would say just be thankful that your classes are so cheap, but, the state needs to get their s@&t together when it comes to ed!

In nevada we pay, it think 47.50 per unit at the CC's.

Needless to say I moved out of CA. I needed classes, I have a hard time here, but the school bends over backwards to make sure they can get the max students it.


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Thats horrible.. good thing I dont live in CA!!

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