Masters in forensic nursing?

  1. Are there any nurses out there who have their Master's in Forensic Nursing? I am entertaining the idea of going back for my Master's either specializing in Forensic Nursing, or an FNP. I have tried to do some research, but there is not much out there for Master's prepared forensic nursing. As a forensic nurse with a Master's degree, what type of work do you do? What is your salary like? Hours & days a week that you work? Any other important things about forensic nursing that I should know about?
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  3. by   slizendiceRN
    Hello. I will be starting on my MSN in forensics with Fitchburg State Univesity in January. Because of my location, I'm only able to complete an online program since I do not live near a school that offers brick and mortar classes. That being said, I had to decide which of the three schools would be the best fit for what I was looking for in a program. Duquesne University was school #4, however, I'm in NC and therefore disqualified from their program. Aspen University is not currently regionally accredited, only nationally. That may not be an issue for you or what you are looking for in a school. Personally, I prefer the regional accreditation so I was able to eliminate that school. Moumouth has a great program, but seems to have a focus in SANE nursing. In fact, the last I checked into them, the nurse was eligible to sit for the SANE-A exam at the completion of the program. My specialty/passion is in corrections and that is what curriculum/practicums Fitchburg concentrates on. Do I need this advanced degree to do what I do? No. The purpose of completing this degree for me is the advanced knowledge I will gain with the presumption that it will aid me to provide better care to this specific population, along with personal achievement. If I decide later down the road to teach, or become a NP for example, I can always complete a post-masters certificate program. To answer your questions, I'm not sure how/if my salary will change once I finish the program. Hours for corrections vary per facility. In NC, some of the state jails offers 8 hour 5 day/wk shifts, while most are the typical 36/48 hour/wk 12 hour shifts. I hate working more than 3-4 days a week, so I only work 12's. From what I have heard, a lot of SANE nurses are PRN or have call schedules at hospitals or crisis centers. Maybe a SANE nurse can chime in on your discussion and provide their feedback. I hope that helps you some.
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    Xavier university in cincinnati has a masters in forensic nursing but i believe it is on-ground