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Hello everyone!

I haven't seen a post for OHSU's 2024 ABSN program and figured I would start one!

Specializes in RETIRED Cath Lab/Cardiology/Radiology.

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Applied for OHSU's ABSN Portland campus (Fall 2024, Winter 2025). Good luck everyone ?

kvydn said:

Applied for OHSU's ABSN Portland campus (Fall 2024, Winter 2025). Good luck everyone ?

That's exciting! I was looking at last years posts and some people found out about interviews around this time. Good luck!

Hopefully we'll know more by February 5th (one month since the application closing date). Fingers crossed! Please let us the minute you hear anything, I'll do the same - so we get an idea of when things start to unfold ?

I was hoping one of these would be started! I also applied for OHSU's ABSN program for Fall 2024. Feeling very excited but also getting nervous as everything gets closer!

I got an email in January that said interviews would go out the first two weeks of February. So any day now ! Let's keep each other posted ! I haven't received anything as of now. I applied for Summer. Good luck to all! 

I also received the "What's next" email in January. I just want to confirm that when it refers to the first two weeks of February, it includes the period from February 1st to February 10th, correct? If anyone has any updates, please keep me posted! Feeling quite anxious about it ? Best of luck to everyone! 

That's what I am assuming with the timeline of the two weeks. Also , if anyone has any information on this type of interview and how it works , I would appreciate some insight ! If you get an invite , is it a set time you have your interview ? I'm trying to figure out work and whatnot and if there will be a heads up kinda thing to prepare or will it be more like email and you have the interview that day ! I'm feeling anxious as well! 

It looks like the interview is going to be an asynchronous video assessment. I have a friend who was accepted into the ABSN program last year and I am going to ask her about the interview things. I will keep you posted once I hear back from her! 

Today marks one month since OHSU's ABSN applications closed (for Portland, not Ashland since they extended Ashland to February 5). Hopefully decisions will start being sent out this week ?

I sure hope so too! The anticipation is rough ! 

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