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Has anyone ever used the forehead thermometers? I am thinking about purchasing one as it may be more cost effective (we run out of probe covers very quickly) and less likely to spread germs. Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks:anbd:

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i use a digital electronic thermometer usually, but do have forehead strips for the kids who refuse the oral temps.



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I'm sorry I should have been more clear, I am talking about the new forehead thermometers, that you place in the middle of the forehead and swipe over the temple. Not the old school strips.


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I have an Exergen Temporal Scanner. You can either use a cover or clean it with alcohol. I like it, but still prefer my oral thermometer. Not sure how much money you will save if you use it with covers, but I don't think I would want to "clean" it after every use. So, I use covers.


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I have used the forehead thermometers at one of my schools and it works so much better than the oral ones that I have this year at one of my schools. I am thinking about purchasing one out of my own pocket for this school. It is not hard to clean after each use, we used alcohol prep pads and it worked great.


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I purchased one personally for work (I work in LTC), very easy to clean, maintain, and suprisingly accurate. Even went and bought one for home too.

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I use an Exergen temporal artery thermometer and I love it! Portable, easy to clean with an alcohol prep pad and I am able to get a temp on even my most resistant special needs students.


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I use a temporal thermometer as well. They are great for students with down's and our special ed kids. I also use one at home on my own kids. I know others who are also pleased with these thermometers.


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I used an exergen last year. I liked it. However, they seem to only last about 2 years max when used a lot!

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I worked in an ED that used them for two years. They are very easy to use, but they were not at all accurate. We had temp deviations of 3-4 degrees in children, and generally would use the hand on forehead method to decide if we needed to put the child through a rectal or oral temp.