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So the DON told me in no was am I to code "not offered" for the flu vaccine. . I wrote down the list of options. She called me an hour later to tell me most of the residents and or families signed the consent form to give the flu vaccine when it arrives. She told me to code not given due to medical contraindication. I told her but that's not the case. And I suggested we code 9 for " none of the above". She told me no and that i am to code medically contraindicated. My name goes on the MDS not hers and I'm very uncomfortable coding this. How is everyone else coding this section effective October 1st?

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"None of the above" would be the logical answer. But not to repudiate the DON, notify her you'll seek guidance from the state RAI coordinator.

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Our flu shots are on backorder. So it's "none of the above." Then if we get audited, we can provide pharmacy documentation to prove that the necessary steps were taken, consent obtained, etc.

Hello all. So I printed the manual RE flu vaccine and showed the DON that we should be coding 9 if the consent was obtained but they haven't yet received the vaccine. DON said to code not offered. I'm coding 9 none of the above. Idk why she would want me to code not offered. They have started giving the vaccines and some of the vaccines given were administered after the ARD. Now she's telling me to code it was given even if it was given after the ARD. I told her no and that the program will not allow me to code a date after the ARD. She claims she was a MDS coordinator !.

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Humbly request she sign the particular Section/Item only based on her interpretation. You simply sign the completion of the assessment. YOU are a true MDS coordinator abiding by the guidelines stated in the RAI.

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I agree. Have her sign off. I'm lucky, no one interferes with my MDS

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