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  1. BPH

    So the DON is telling me if a resident has BPH then I should automatically check off obstructive uropathy. I tried to explain I can't check it off unless the MD documented that the resident has obstructive uropathy. What are your thoughts ?
  2. Flu vaccine

    Hello all. So I printed the manual RE flu vaccine and showed the DON that we should be coding 9 if the consent was obtained but they haven't yet received the vaccine. DON said to code not offered. I'm coding 9 none of the above. Idk why she would wan...
  3. Flu vaccine

    So the DON told me in no was am I to code "not offered" for the flu vaccine. . I wrote down the list of options. She called me an hour later to tell me most of the residents and or families signed the consent form to give the flu vaccine when it arri...
  4. MDS Nurse Interview

    Hello. I'm a LPN and have been a MDS Nurse for at least 10 years. I have an interview next Wednesday for another MDS Nurse position. Currently I'm responsible for all MDS in the facility as well as updating care plans and going to care plan meetings....
  5. EOT Q combined

    If I do EOT combined with a Q to capture the resident for CMI ( Im in NY) , will the resident actually be covered under Medicare A or Medicare ? The other MDS coordinator I work w wNts to combine them. I personally would do an EOT then schedule just ...