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Forrest RN has 3 years experience as a ASN and specializes in geriatrics.

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  1. New MDS Coordinator

    Hello and welcome to MDS. How much experience do you have in long term care? There is a lot to the position, but I'm happy with it. There are certain parts that are State specific that I can't help with unless you live in Illinois. For the rest, I'm ...
  2. ST wanting to do BIM's

    Corporate policy for my facility is for the social worker only to do the BIMS... I asked because ST posed the same question.
  3. Flu vaccine

    I agree. Have her sign off. I'm lucky, no one interferes with my MDS
  4. New MDS Coordinator

    CMS has the new MDS manual (called the RAI) for download. I have it printed out, on my computer and on my phone! It's the Bible for MDS... Also, familiarize yourself with the new regulations that started Oct 1...changes the assessment requirement for...
  5. Flu vaccine

    Our flu shots are on backorder. So it's "none of the above." Then if we get audited, we can provide pharmacy documentation to prove that the necessary steps were taken, consent obtained, etc.
  6. Happy PDPM Eve

    Lol! They're coming in. One today and another was supposed to but coming tomorrow. So it's starting now. At least I have the process down. Some of our facilities are a bit lost regarding assessment requirement, restoratives, etc.
  7. Happy PDPM Eve

    Just wishing all of my fellow MDS Coordinators lots of luck as we get ready for October 1st. Luckily I only have 1 Medicare A resident at the moment!!
  8. New MDS Coordinator

    I'm basically always on call, but that is because the staff nurses, CNA's, and therapy know they can always call me. Aside from that, I'm on call 1 weekend per month.
  9. New MDS Coordinator

    Sounds like it might be a good fit for you. LTC will require adjusting your assessments, and learning new regulations and policies. There are a lot of resources to help ?
  10. New MDS Coordinator

    Each facility is different. Ask questions of the management if you are interested. My facility is a small (about 50 residents) rural facility, so I am able to cover different areas. Other facilities I have worked at had an MDS nurse and a separate re...
  11. New MDS Coordinator

    Well, I have only been doing this job since July 5th independently. But, in my facility, I am responsible for all State and Federal required assessments. I'm also in charge of the restorative nursing program. I do all the care planning for the facili...
  12. New MDS Coordinator

    Just wanted to pop in and say hi. RN since 2008, long-term care since 1996, and MDS Coordinator since July 5th.
  13. Does anyone enjoy nursing?

    Do i love my My Calling the Dr at home at 2am on a Being the only nurse caring for 50+ patients with two cna's ...hell no!!! But, i absolutely lovehaving my patients look at me and say "I am so glad you are he...