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So I am going to apply to SPC's RN program for the Jan 2010 semester. I have everything but my Micro/Lab finished. I know they look at your GPA from certain classes and I have all B's in those... Read More

  1. by   mindlor
    Hi everyone!

    I am new to allnurses.com.

    I applied for the Jan 2010 RN program and I got my letter today.

    I do not have micro complete so I was fortunate to be picked in the second 30 percent group.

    I would ask all others who have been accepted to contact me. Lets meet, coordinate, and plan to help each other through this. The competitive part is behind us, lets team up for success.


  2. by   thepopes
    Congrats Ed.

    I'm confused, it was to my understanding that they have only sent out the first, 70%, applicant pool letters. I also do not have micro done and my letter stated that I will be put back in and re-evaluated for the next applicant pool selection (30%). Did you call and they told you that you are picked for the second go around?

    Any info would be appreciated...this is so stressful. Can I ask your GPA range? I'm just trying to see where I fall.
  3. by   mindlor

    You make a good point. I did not specifically ask, I just assumed that I was in the 30 percent group because micro was not complete.

    My letter did not say much except congrats you start in Jan 2010. Gotta get a background check/drug test yada yada.

    I went to advising yesterday and spoke with them and I kind of asked about ranking etc and they were somewhat elusive. The advisor that I spoke with and I have a long standing professional relationship and I did not want to compromise that by pressing too hard for info.

    I can tell how much you care, and I believe that the prime directive of a nurse is "to care" and therefore you will make an excellent nurse. I am rooting for you.
  4. by   thepopes
    Thanks and Good luck to you. The letter I received said that it was the first applicant pool, so you got in on the first shot...Woo Hoo!
  5. by   Nicole82RN
    Did you get in yet
  6. by   Nicole82RN
    When did you apply?? I applied July 27, and still have heard nothing, I fall under the transitional proggram and have met all requirements. A little scared that there won't be any spots when they get to my app.
  7. by   Nicole82RN
    Keep the faith. There is still a possibility
  8. by   Nicole82RN
    That's awful It like you complete all this and then maube you will get in
  9. by   Nicole82RN
    I called today and they said Aug 15 but that falls on a Saturday. I really want my letter
  10. by   thepopes
    No, not in the first cut. My ethics wasn't put towards the point system the first time around, but it will be the second so hopefully that will be enough. Have you heard anything yet for your program?
  11. by   Nicole82RN
    does the applicant pool apply to the transitional program. I was under the understanding, first qualified first admitted? anyone know??
  12. by   Morgan0429
    I believe that they put you back into the pool and if someone more qualified drops out or something, then you might have a chance of getting in. I am not 100% sure, but I don't think it applies to the bridge program. I think they set aside a different # of spots for that or something. You should call an advisor and ask
  13. by   FLg8r
    the only science you need to have completed can be found at this link:

    they are accepting applications now for the RN program thru 9/15 i think it said .... here is the link:


    good luck