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hi, i wanted to know are there any mdc students who know any information on the nursing program. i have all my requirements and all i need is chemistry. i am trying to apply to the accelerated... Read More

  1. by   nlion87
    Part time meets all day Saturdays from 7am-4pm and one night during week for fundamentals lecture
  2. by   labrador4122
    Quote from ltorres5351
    hi, i wanted to know are there any mdc students who know any information on the nursing program. i have all my requirements and all i need is chemistry. i am trying to apply to the accelerated program and would like to know if anyone here can give me a guide on my chances of getting in. any info will be greatly appreciated!:smiletea:
    did you get in? are you in the program already??
  3. by   Waitin4blssn
    Hi Guys..

    I'm also a MDC nursing student, one year online option full time and I think it is great. One thing that aided me with the program is the flexibility I'm able to have with logging online instead of driving to the campus everyday or other day in a class. We are able to log into chatrooms and discuss with the professors whatever we needed and they gave us direct access to them. I'm currently in the Advance Medsurg portion and actually should be studying for my exam for tomorrow. (I will after I log off) The only tricky thing is when they have 3 exams on one day on campus, so you have to cram as much as you can on the disease process and interventions to pass. CT/CP and Pharm are usually what they test you on. But my advise to you is to review the materials a week ahead and the discussions. You'll always be ahead of the game.. and your stress will decrease tremendously.
    Next step for me is Leadership and Passing the ATI.. Oh one more thing. Choose your clinical professors wisely.. look up different sites that rates professors, bc not every one of them are perfect and you wouldnt want to waste your time.
    Done before the year is over!!!!
  4. by   Jessica1024
    How lucky!!! You are almost finishing. I am just finishing this semester, well at least I am half way through my first semester. The only bad thing about getting the professor you like is that they do not have the names of the professors when you go and choose them. So basically you are picking classes blindly.

    The ONLY thing I do not like about nursing is the response from the professors when you ask any questions. Usually they answer in a nasty way ( "I have said that before.) ORRRRR They yell at you that you should already know that BLA BLA BLA.

    I am so afraid everytime I have a question, not to mention I ALWAYS ask questions to clarify everything. It is very degrading as well. I am sure they do not do it on purpose, after all they do have a lot of students asking many questions....but still. It would be nice to ask questions without fearing that the teacher will get very annoyed and then look at you as if you are retarded..... Oh well.

    I just think that this will be over in little more then a year, and I look forward to that. I just hope I do not fail any of my classes!!!! After all I really believe nursing is very difficult, and there is not a lot of room for error.
  5. by   FSUMiamiBoy
    How is your first semester going? I start in 3 months! I'm nervous. Did you quit your job? Or do you have a part time job?
  6. by   Waitin4blssn
    I agree with you about the professors. There was one where I had just exploded and said.. I know that she wouldnt want her child's professor to be this way to her, so she needed to respect me and others enough to talk to us as an adult. All we need is a little help from her and she wasnt giving to anyone, which wasn't fair to us.. AND we all paid our tuition to LEARN something and not just sit around trying to learn how to do a head to toe assesment with each other being blind. Basically told her to teach us and stop being rude. By the end of the day she taught us how to start an Iv. Taught us what to look for in a disease process and help us with a care plan (which she was suppose to teach us in the first place.) So sometimes it can help, but be careful. You can also take it to the dean.. it's up to you. But your instructor should be respectful..or shouldn't teach.
    Good luck in your classes, you'll do fine as long as you take a few ours to read and understand the patho.. you would be able to pick out a problem in a heart beat.
  7. by   Melissa7611
    Now i am really nervous. I hope the professors aren't to bad. I have a friend in the online bridge option right now, and he says pretty much the same bout some of the professors and some of the other faculty and staff. Oh well...good luck to all us newbies that r about 2 begin and for those currently in the program. :wink2:
  8. by   Waitin4blssn
    Yes. It is true.. but just keep thinking "You can't break me".. "I can visualize my RN license" and you'll do fine. Lol. Good Luck.
  9. by   Melissa7611
    Yea well. I am not to happy right now. I called the Nursing Dept. to ask a quick question about the physical forms that we need to have filled out. Some mean nasty lady gave me an attitude, because my dr. was confused on what to fill out in the last page. She was like..."come on, your dr. should know what they are doing." So rude, it was a simple question, no need for an attitude. I am starting to see i am going to have to learn to bite my tongue!
  10. by   FSUMiamiBoy
    Hey Melissa, what did you need help with? Maybe I can help, I finished my forms.
  11. by   Melissa7611
    Thanks FSUMiamiBoy...the nasty receptionist told me what to do, but she had such an attitude. After i got my response, i abruptly hung up on her. Cause she put me on hold so many times and gave me an attitude. I know i shouldn't have done that, but i had a moment of weakness...i let someone get to me that i shouldn't have. I got it all done. Thanks for the offer. Funny thing is i am a patient person, but apparently i need to find some more! lol. i am trying to get it all done. I have my background check this friday. I have one question though that u can help me the background check and fingerprinting done together? Thanks for your help!
  12. by   FSUMiamiBoy
    Hey Melissa,
    Yes both are done at the same time at MDC North. And don't worry about the receptionist, everytime I call I get the same bad attitude and the usual long hold times and run around!!
  13. by   Melissa7611
    Thanks FSUMiamiBoy...that's what i figured, but i wasn't 100% sure.