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hi, i wanted to know are there any mdc students who know any information on the nursing program. i have all my requirements and all i need is chemistry. i am trying to apply to the accelerated... Read More

  1. by   SouthernAsh
  2. by   Phoenixlight
    Well I just got word that the letters were mailed out and I am NOT on the initial batch. Actually, Im 13th on back-up. Sigh! Obviously, I am not optimistic. I cant imagine a situation where 13 applicants would refuse to attend.'s back to the ol' drawing board, I suppose. I will set my views on the August term and see what happens. until then, I will remain overseas and make my money and take some more classes. Thanks to all that offered your insight.

  3. by   SouthernAsh
    I AM SO SORRY!!!! When I read your post it made me sad for you. But, It will be o.k. Everything happens for a reason and this will give you more time to get your affairs in order. You will get in eventually. And don't be too upset about it b/c Once I got in, I saw people dropping like flies. 13th in line really isn't that bad and I wouldn't be suprised at all if 13 dropped out. I will keep my fingers crossed for you.
  4. by   Phoenixlight
    Thank you for your vote of confidence...It means a lot. I am bummed but I am so lucky in other aspects that I can't really let it get me down. I've already started re-arranging my plans and Life is Good! Plus, I always have that snowball's chance...

    Thanks again for your support!

  5. by   FSUMiamiBoy
    Hey Phoenix,
    I just recently applied to the Miami-Dade Generic Program as well. I wonder if I was in the first batch or not! Now i'm nervous.
  6. by   Phoenixlight
    Who knows?! I applied to the transitional program, so I'm not sure if they send their letters at the same time. If they do, you should be receiving a letter this week. I was told they mailed them out a few days ago. Good Luck! Hopefully you're in!
  7. by   FSUMiamiBoy
    Thank you Phoenix! BTW if you are #13 in line, I think you have a VERY high chance of getting in..
  8. by   Jessica1024
    I don't think 13th in line is bad at all. A lot of students do apply to more the one program, and then they decide to go to another program other then MDC. You would be surprised. I would not be taken aback at all if at the end you actually end up going to MDC, you will see just be patient.

    I am right now in my first semester, and by far everything is going wonderful. A lot of good experiences and a lot of team work with students.

    Does anyone have any hints on how to pass Fundamentals? I feel like we are all over the place. I feel that I do not know where to start, That is the only class that really worries me a lot, the others are pretty easy.I am also taking microbio with the nursing classes. I don't recommend it but I am doing very well. I kissed my A's good bye already, but I am not too sad about it to be honest. I mean what can I do? I got a 92 on a test the other day. A B for nursing students. I had five test in the mist of seven days, I have one more to complete which is on Tueday for Fudamentals. That is the one that I am most worried about. I mean it is a test in critical thinking format, and I want to be ready so any hints or advice would be WONDERFUL!!!!

    So I have not cried yet, but I can see how people get frustrated and fast. I think most people so far are doing great, and I am very excited about the opportunity to be in such a wonderful program.A lot of hands on experience in MDC, and it is great. Sometimes I think I am more of a visual learner,

    Please keep me informed on all of your progress. I am sure that everyone who aspires to get in will get in. I remember that all of us on the bored trying to get in did in fact get in. That was awesome! We were all nervous and excited and at the end we did in fact get in.
  9. by   FSUMiamiBoy
    Good luck butterfly!
  10. by   Chamita
    I just got my letter from MDC today and I was accepted to the transitional program

    Phoenixlight, was sorry that you did not get accepted in the initial batch. Butterflyyesy is right though.....a lot of students do apply to more than one school, and then they decide to go to another program other then the one at really are so close...don't give up.
  11. by   FSUMiamiBoy
    Hey chamita!! Congratz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I also got my acceptance letter today! But to the Generic program. Has anyone else received a letter? Does anyone know where to get BLS/CPR Certification?
  12. by   Chamita
    I have not taken my nrg 051 course yet...I will be taking it at the and of October and it is only about a month and a half long. I will let you know what it is like though.
  13. by   Chamita
    Nursing unlimited has is - have used them before so I recommend them

    Read the acceptance letter also because mine says something about the CPR class and says to call 305-237-4177 for classes and information.

    Hope that helps.