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Did anyone already turn in there applications for Fall 2009 @ B.C.? because I am turning mine in next week before the deadline and now I have to wait AGAIN and keep continually looking at my e-mail... Read More

  1. by   GabbsRN
    Hmmmm, I don't know. I don't know what the advantage is to making you go to a Private school vs a Public one. That doesn't make any sense, at least not to me.

    What campus do you regularly attend?

    I would suggest you get a second opinion. There are people who work at BC and give out wrong info all the time. I usually triple check info just in case.

    I don't know who you spoke with but I would try someone in admissions that specifically deals with health science. I know the name of the person you can contact at North campus (L. Kennealy) , but I do not know of anyone at South or central specifically. I would also try going into the health science dept at your campus, and I would go to another campus as well to double check and ask. You could even email T. Burney and see if she knows.

    The only other option I see, because of the costs of going to private school, is getting your LPN license. I think its like $6000, but thats 3 classes at the private school. Then you can apply to the LPN-Transition program and you will get in 100% that way. Last option is you can apply for Jan and May as well, and wait and see. May was less competitive, I think either because it is a shorter semester or people didn't know there was a May option (since its new). I think there were people getting in May with around a 2.8.

    Wow, I am really still just confused as to why you HAVE to retake at a private school.
  2. by   helpinghand28
    Quote from sunraygurl
    What campus do you regularly attend?

    I don't know who you spoke with but I would try someone in admissions that specifically deals with health science.

    I am attending North Campus.

    Unfortunately, I did go to the Health and Sciences Department several times...and that is where I am getting the information. Not from general advisors. It is so frustrating! I just sent an email to Chinara, whom I spoke with last week when I went to the campus. I am asking her about the private/public you have the email for your contact?

  3. by   GabbsRN
    I just emailed L. Kenealy and asked her myself. I'll let you know what she says when she responds.
  4. by   GabbsRN
    most of the emails are the first initial of the person's first name, and most, if not all, of the last name. L's first name actually starts with an E. the rest of the email address is her full last name. (I don't think we're supposed to put the emails on here).

    But I just emailed her, so we'll see. She's at N. Campus, so you can go into advisement and make an appt to see her (she's usually too busy for walkins). But I think I had to wait a week to see her, so its not like she's booked for months. Chinara would be the person I'd talk to in Health science, but if she's the one who said that, then I don't know. Maybe in this case the advisors might know better since its a transcript issue instead of an actual nursing program question??? LOL I'd talk to Liz (the person I emailed, health science advisor).
  5. by   mzzfilipino
    I wanted to ask something about the HIV/AIDS course. It is okay to take them at as long as they meet the 4 certificate hours, right?

    I'm aware there is a 1 hour one, and was wondering if that was the one Twana was talking about to make sure we don't take that in confusion to the 4 hour one.
  6. by   LeavingTeaching4RN
    Quote from nursingstudentfall09
    leavingnurse congrats, are the math test or drug cals test that hard, i hear people speak of them like if you dont pass you fail the whole semestewr is that true.
    some students have trouble with the math. personally, i'm a strong math student. so, i would say no.

    Quote from helpinghand28
    i want to retake a&p 1 - i am told it must be taken at a private college, not (public) such as fiu which someone indicated they did on this board.
    what is correct?

    i was also told that taking another chemistry class would help my grade, and microbiology does not help unless there is a tie.

    please help!
    you could take the a&p as a non degree student at mdc or fiu and then, transfer the credit to bc. if you don't attempt to register as a degree student, you don't need to send transcripts. so, they don't know if you passed it or not. it may be against the rules, but i know it works.
  7. by   GabbsRN

    you know.....she did mention that the 1 hr one was the wrong one, and made it sound like we have to take it elsewhere because of that. i wonder if they just didn't realize there was a 4 hr one.


    can we take the 4 hr hiv/aids course from ceufast? at orientation, twana only mentioned the 1 hr course and said we couldn't take it at ceufast, and she made it seem like we would have to find a place to take it. i just want to make sure the 4 hr one will be ok.
  8. by   GabbsRN

    About retaking the courses......

    If you retake them as a non-degree student, and you don't send your transcripts, how will that raise the grades for people needing to boost their GPA?
  9. by   boda
    Anyone who went to the 7/9 orientation at 9:00 - did you catch that when the health science crew said that for Financial Aid students, their majors have been changed to get around a financial aid issue? Then, kindof looked at each other and said 'oh, that will be a problem for registering'... and left it unsolved? I have been trying to find out if come Thur a.m. at 8, when those of us with 'made up' majors go to register, will the system let us. Cant seem to get that answer. Does anybody know if they have addressed this? I'm still supposedly a health science major and Im afraid that trying to register for NUR courses it will tell me I need to be in Nursing.

    Anybody in the same boat?
  10. by   GabbsRN
    I'm in the same boat. Maybe it will be fixed tomorrow. I'd email Twana and ask her.

    I already emailed her twice today but I forgot to ask that. Shucks. I think if I email her again, she may yell at me, lol.
  11. by   boda
    I figured is she has 6000 emails she probably wouldnt answer mine. I asked one of the Fin Aid reps to ask her for me (and she did, via email) but I still havent heard anything. Let me know if you find anything out. I guess we cross our fingers and toes Thurs morning and hope for the best!
  12. by   GabbsRN
    I would email her anyway. I emailed her twice today and she emailed me back both times.

    I may just go into the health sci dept at North tomorrow and ask them.
  13. by   boda
    I went today to ask in advisement, but i dont get the feeling anybody really gets it - they say "oh you want to change your major?" NOoooooo I want to be able to register for nursing on thurs. "but it says here youre in physical therapy" OMG forget it!!!!!! I think Twana's the only one who gets the situation and I hope she has a fix in place.