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futurenurse809 has 1 years experience and specializes in Icu.

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  1. futurenurse809

    south university FNP Program

    hey sweet&petite, I also start october 22,2015, lets keep in touch. I can't view the Facebook page because i don't have Facebook.
  2. futurenurse809

    Chamberlain College of Nursing-FNP...accepted!!!

    good luck carlcaplin, I just spoke to someone but the 10/26/2015 class is full.
  3. futurenurse809

    University of Miami FNP 2016

    Hey ladies, what um program did you ladies apply to? or what program did you get accepted to?
  4. futurenurse809

    Kaplan University FNP

    I want to enroll also how is it going how long is the program
  5. Hello, I am applying to the SU march 2015. But I ha mixed feelings with what I have read.
  6. futurenurse809

    Miami New Graduate Nurses

    any job news in miami? does anyone know about job fairs?
  7. has anyone found jobs in miami, i am so desperate!!!
  8. futurenurse809

    New grad RN miami - anyone hiring?

    does mt sinai still have open house on tuesdays?
  9. I think those scores are how. How much did you get on qt7?
  10. futurenurse809

    PASSED Nclex-RN 75 questions no Review course

    hey alc, congrats on taking you exam pretty soon. I am so happy for you. I graduate May 10. So, I will be talking my exam shortly after. How have you been preparing? DUDERNGUY shared a lot of good ideas. good luck to you.
  11. futurenurse809

    PASSED Nclex-RN 75 questions no Review course

    yes. kewlnurse2b, I was extra nervous and scared when Kaplan came to visit my school and informed me that the bar will be set higher effective 4/1/13....I graduate in May... which means it includes me....I mean I am just goign to study hard and think positive. Good luck to you.
  12. futurenurse809

    Last semester of RN school; Advice for critical care

    Where I live they also hire new grads in the ICU, this is because they want to mold us as new students into what they want in an icu floor, Experienced nurses already have their own ways (habits) of doing things which can highly impact their service as an ICU nurse. I am also going into, my last semester in two weeks. I am so excited and scared!.
  13. futurenurse809

    Last Semester!

    I will be entering my last semester as well, so excited and scared!!...
  14. futurenurse809

    NCLEX-PN in 9 days!

    Btw, how was the nclex.. Any tips. I will take mines in one month.
  15. futurenurse809

    NCLEX-PN in 9 days!

    Hey k3 would you mind emailing me the guide?
  16. futurenurse809

    passing NCLEX-PN

    Hey, I am also taking the NLCEX PN, applied but no date yet. You have lots of resources . :)