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Hey Everyone- I haven't seen a thread for the UNF 2012 Accelerated BSN yet so i figured I would create one. The previous classes seemed like they got a lot out of sharing with one another so... Read More

  1. by   ae2awmailey
    I'm sorry to hear that samiam856. I'm definitely looking into JU and possibly going back to FSCJ for their AS degree.
  2. by   roemerr
    Remember don't ever give up. One of the current nursing students in my group who talked to us before the interview was denied for summer, reapplied for the fall and got accepted. So don't ever give up!!!! Everyone who has made it this far, can make it all the way. Ae2awmailey, please consider all public schools before going to Chamberlain. I used to be an admissions representative at a private for profit school. They just cost so much more money and student loan debt is no joke.
  3. by   eric813us
    Mine says denied now as well. Better luck next year. Good luck to everyone.
  4. by   ae2awmailey
    I'd be interested to know if anyone's says anything but "deny". As for the cost, I'm not too concerned. I have the Post-9/11 GI Bill. I just don't want to go to a school that isn't all that selective about the caliber of students they let in.
  5. by   runswimfly
    denied. i know i did not do very well on my interview
  6. by   futurebsn2b
    At ae2awmailey - mine still says Departmental Refer.....not counting on that but that is what it says now. Again best of luck!
  7. by   seaglassgreen
    mine still says departmental referral... we'll see I guess. Best wishes to everyone on their next steps!!
  8. by   Danielle3352
    Anyone that still says departmental referral...did you apply for traditional or accelerated? I'm just wondering if maybe they are working on one track at a time. Mine also still says departmental referral and I applied for accelerated.
  9. by   seaglassgreen
    I applied for accelerated.
  10. by   seaglassgreen
    Copied from Nursing Admissions Facebook:
    Accelerated track admission offers: 27; 26 females, 1 male Avg prereq GPA 3.76; max 4.00; min 3.30
    Avg TEAS 356; max 392; min 330
    Avg interview score 394 (out of 400)
    Regular track admission offers: 45; 32 females, 13 males
    Avg prereq GPA 3.77; max 4.00; min 3.42
    Avg TEAS 334; max 366; min 302
    Avg interview score 393 (out of 400)
    Waiting list offers (good through start of classes on 5/9/12): 31 ACPL and RPL mixed (no, we don't reveal rank)
    Avg prereq GPA 3.77; max 4.00; min 3.39
    Avg TEAS 326; max 367; min 287
    Avg interview score 365 (out of 400)
    Denials: 46
    Avg prereq GPA 3.74; max 4.00; min 3.34
    Avg TEAS 323; max 370; min 276
    Avg interview score 235 (out of 400; affected by outlier of "0" score)
  11. by   roemerr
    I applied for the accelerated and mine still says departmental referral. In a way it is comforting, yet nerve-racking. Does it mean wait listed? No one has reported that it changed to "accepted" yet. According to Facebook, the letters are in the mail. I hope they arrive tomorrow.
  12. by   ae2awmailey
    It occurs to me, my fellow regular track candidates who have been turned down, that applying for the program during the summer is an exercise in futility. They offer both the accelerated AND the regular tracks during the summer, but if someone fails to get into the accelerated program, they are automatically offered a position in the regular track. This puts us at a serious disadvantage; people applying for the accelerated track get two chances to fail or succeed, if you will. As far as I can tell, there is no accelerated program offered in the fall. After taking stock in my current situation, I have rededicated myself to getting in this fall.
  13. by   futurebsn2b
    Quote from ae2awmailey
    It occurs to me, my fellow regular track candidates who have been turned down, that applying for the program during the summer is an exercise in futility....
    You are right - UNF only offers the accelerated for a summer start. I talked to a lot of students in the traditional program who said they applied for both summer and fall before getting accepted in the fall. Hope it works out well for you - good luck!