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I have been asked by my employer to self report to the IPN. I have been told these are non-drug related issued I have had two drug screens recently One a patient accused me (falsely) of not giving him his narcotic medicine. The other I worked an extra shift and nodded off while charting There were also some patient complaints - had to wait too long for meds etc Both drug screens came back negative Anybody know what I should expect when I call to "self report"?

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That just kind of crazy - I can think back to times where the facility was short staffed so I would go in. What do they expect???? They work you hard, want you on days or nights - that is exhausting by itself!

Work you shirt staffed and you Definetly get behind on charting. Some of the patients for one reason or another (innocently or to cause trouble) say a nurse didn't give them their med.

Proof's in the pudding, or the urine, I should say. You have peed on demand and also request by you - I hate you're going thru this. Will be praying that it gets worked out. Sounds like maybe the facility has the problem, not you.

Anne , RNC.

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I realize that I am a bit late to the conversation but hopefully this will still be helpful to someone when they read it. First a bit about the Florida Intervention Project For Nurses (IPN):

The Intervention Project for Nurses (IPN) was established in 1983 through legislative action to ensure public health and safety through a program that provides close monitoring of nurses who are unsafe to practice due to impairment as a result of misuse or abuse of alcohol or drugs, or both, or due to a mental or physical condition which could affect the licensee's ability to practice with skill and safety.

The IPN defines Impairment as the following: Impairment is a condition that results from the use of mind/mood altering substances, distorted thought processes found in the psychologically impaired or a physical condition that prevents the nurse from providing safe patient care. Impairment is characterized by the inability to carry out the professional duties and responsibilities in a reasonable manner consistent with nursing standards.

The IPN does not itself provide evaluation or treatment of potentially impaired nurses. It DOES provide referrals to appropriate medical professionals once some one is reported to, or self reports to, the IPN.

Some basic facts on the structure and policies/procedures of the IPN:

1. IPN is NOT part of the board of nursing and the board of nursing DOE NOT get access to your records at the IPN without your permission.

2. The IPN program is CONFIDENTIAL, is NOT a disciplinary program and CANNOT restrict, suspend, revoke or place on probation, your license.

3. Any person suspecting impairment of a nurse's ability to provide safe nursing care may report this nurse to IPN and/or the Dept of Health(Board of Nursing). Under Florida's Mandatory Reporting Law, all licensed nurses must report any suspected impairment in practice to IPN and/or the Dept of Health. The Board of Nursing is the most frequent 'person' or entity that makes referrals of nurses to the IPN. This serves two purposes. First, it often serves as a confidential, non-public, action in lieu of discipline, and second it results in the nurse undergoing a medical evaluation, treatment recommendations, and appropriate treatment of any mental of physical impairment they may have.

4. A nurse may self report to the IPN. Participation is ALWAYS voluntary regardless of who makes the report. HOWEVER, if you are reported to the IPN, are referred to the IPN by the Board, or you self report, and then you fail to follow the recommendations for evaluation and treatment the IPN gives you, you WILL BE REPORTED TO THE BOARD OF NURSING. Failure to comply with IPN recommendations is usually presumed to be a violation of the nurse practice act, by the Board, and you will now have to defend yourself at an administrative hearing before the Board of Nursing. Once you find yourself in a hearing before the Board regarding an issue of whether or not you are impaired in your practice of nursing, your license is at risk no matter how right you think you are.

5. If you have a physical or mental impairment which affects your ability to practice to the standard of care expected in nursing, your supervisors, colleagues, employer and patients can make a valid complaint to the Board of Nursing. They are not required to report you to the IPN instead of the BON. While most people reported for an impairment to the BON are then referred to the IPN, this is NOT mandatory. In other words, depending on the circumstances and the current mood of the Board, you may NOT be offered the confidential in lieu of discipline option of entering the IPN. And in THAT case you will have your issues held before the Board who may then choose one or more of the following: No action. A fine. Placing your license on probation. Suspending your license. Revoking your license. Requiring you to complete CEUs in a relevant area. Any action taken will be public record accessible by anyone with access to the internet and the BON website.

6. Participation in the IPN obfuscates the need for a disciplinary hearing, and takes the options for actions against your license off the table. It also guarantees confidentiality.

7. If you are in fact impaired in some way, your best choice is almost always to self report to the IPN if given the option. An employer MAY give you x number of days to self report to the IPN, advising you that should you fail to do so they will report you to the BON. NEVER self report an issue of impairment to the BON. ALWAYS report these issues ONLY to the IPN.

What can you expect after self reporting to the IPN?

A case manger will interview you and then recommend: 1. No further action necessary (highly unlikely). 2. Referral to an appropriate physician, by name, for an evaluation as to whether an impairment exists. #. The evaluating physician will them make a diagnosis if appropriate, and any appropriate recommendations for treatment (you may be given a clean bill of health with no further recommended actions). If a diagnosis of an impairment IS made, you MUST follow and complete the recommended treatment. failure to do so will result in your being reported to the BON for your failure to comply with the IPN. You will then find yourself in that disciplinary hearing. If you DO comply with the requirements and recommendations of the IPN your case is closed and the BON NEVER EVER sees the file or hears of your participation with the IPN.

Hopefully this is not as confusing as I worry it may be. All of this is off the top of my head.

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Florida Intervention Project For Nurses (IPN): IPN: Intervention Project for Nurses Florida

foraneman gave some great information.....I wish you the best.

Sorry to be adding late here as well my my own 2 cents. First off I hope you didn't self report. To be blunt the only time to self report to IPN is if you are busted and want to try to make yourself look better for a smaller contract. Yes I know from personal experience and it was a very small factor but did help in me getting a 2 year contract.

It sounds like your employer was looking for a way not to pay you unemployment. By getting the IPN scare in you and if you self report they could have grounds not to pay you unemployment. when you get a chance please post an update on what happenned with your situation.

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