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Floor Nursing.


Floor nursing sucks. I can't wait until I can transfer to ICU or ER. I work in a step down unit and all that I feel like I'm good for is being a human PCA. The only good thing is that at least the nurse to patient ratio can not be more than 4:1.

Thunderwolf, MSN, RN

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Floor nursing can be tough and grueling at times, I hear yah.

Hang in there.


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hang in there man. it is tough at times, i have been on the same floor now for about 3 yrs and only been an RN for about 6mo now. my plan is to do at least 1yr on the floor and then go somewhere else. Hang in there and you'll get there soon enough!


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I was forced to give up floor nursing because of the exhaustion. So I tried clinic nursing and I sit around 90% of the time, doing phone stuff like triage (for 6 months to geezerhood), med refills, calling in lab reports (“Hello, you have chlamydia.”), referrals and the rest. I like it, although I miss direct pt care. I work part time and per diem.

The nursing profession has a tremendous range of possibilities. Look around and try a few new types of nursing.

P.S. My 61st birthday is in 6 weeks. Eeeekkkkkkk!!!!!

Roy Fokker, BSN, RN

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("Hello, you have chlamydia.")

Thanks for the laugh.



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Well now that you know it sucks you can move on...

Its a growth experience to learn what you don't like so you can find what you do like...

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