How can an RN be a flight nurse?

  1. I worked in foreign countries using my foreign RN license. A year in the ED in a hospital and several years as an EMT-RN in an ambulance.
    Question now is, how can I become a certified flight nurse in New Mexico?
    Provided I have had my bls acls pals phtls
    Do I need to have MSN?
    I'd like to have my masters though.
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  3. by   ICUman
    Hey there!

    You'll likely need a few more years of critical care experience before becoming qualified to apply. I'm not sure if companies honor foreign RN experience! You'd have to ask them. Check out, they have got lots of flight nurse job listings, and you'll be able to see what common qualifications are. Most of the time it's a 3 year minimum of critical care exp. in the ICU/ER.
  4. by   smalltownhero
    interesting speciality. seems risky.
  5. by   mchesney
    You don't need to be "certified" to be a flight nurse, although there is the CFRN (Certified Flight Registered Nurse) certification you can get, much like CCRN or CEN. Not all flight programs are alike and the requirements for each particular program will usually reflect this. Some will require ICU time while other may not. If you're looking for something local where you currently live, find the nearest program and talk to them about what it would take for you to be eligible. If you're willing to relocate, watch as mentioned above for jobs and see what the requirements will be. The experience you have will great for some programs and a good base but insufficient for others...just depends on the program.
  6. by   Vona86
    Currently, the Air Force Reserves are taking BSN-RNs with only 1 year experience and it doesn't have to be ICU. The total application process takes about a year unfortunately...
  7. by   AntonellaB
    What I hear is at least 5 years of ICU or ED experience. EMP/Paramedic Training/certification is a plus but not Required (not sure if all companies support that rule). You get trained in managing vents, learning skills, go through scenarios. Withing two yeas will have to take the certification exam. This is what I've heard from flight nurses I talked to. Just know: there is so little space in the helicopter to move around, it is a tight space. Perhaps flying fixed wings has more advantages...not sure. Great thing to imagine the knowledge and skills you gain in the profession.
  8. by   AntonellaB
    Is there an age limit for the Air Force Reserve nurses to join?
  9. by   RickyRescueRN
    As far as I know, I think 40 is usually the cut off for reserves. Check with your local recruit center or on the Air Force Nurse Reserve website.