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  1. AntonellaB

    How can an RN be a flight nurse?

    Is there an age limit for the Air Force Reserve nurses to join?
  2. AntonellaB

    How can an RN be a flight nurse?

    What I hear is at least 5 years of ICU or ED experience. EMP/Paramedic Training/certification is a plus but not Required (not sure if all companies support that rule). You get trained in managing vents, learning skills, go through scenarios. Withing two yeas will have to take the certification exam. This is what I've heard from flight nurses I talked to. Just know: there is so little space in the helicopter to move around, it is a tight space. Perhaps flying fixed wings has more advantages...not sure. Great thing to imagine the knowledge and skills you gain in the profession.
  3. AntonellaB

    Flight Nurse

    Admire all flight nurses, flight medics who do their job! You learn so much and have to have great skills.
  4. AntonellaB

    Want to quit

    Don't get discouraged! Get your BSN, one step at a time. It pays off at the end. You will be more competitive. At least you have CN experience in your career. ER nursing is a great specialty. Overwhelming at times but you learn so much. And I always say that at times it does matter who you know. I still believe that some options are available for certain staff members. Good luck!
  5. AntonellaB

    Propofol Dosing in ER

    Pain meds are given: Fentanyl, Morphine...also some benzos. When pts agitated some docs order Versed.
  6. AntonellaB

    ER vs Trauma Nurse

    To do triage in the ED most of the time "the rule" is at least 1 year experience in the ED, ACLS and PALS certification. ED vs Trauma Nurse. My personal experience is that in smaller ED, rural ED, etc you, as a nurse do a lot more, practice skills during trauma encounter until pts stabilized and transferred to higher level facility. TNCC and ENPC is desirable but not sure if always required right away. Larger, teaching hospitals do have a trauma nurse and trauma teams. As a nurse there you really do not do as much except drawing blood, manual BP, assist CPR if needed, operate rapid blood transfuser, transport pt to CT and giving pain, nausea meds when ordered. Evidence-based practice reading and certification in Trauma nursing is a good thing but some trauma nurses are not even trained in obtaining US guided IV's or inserting EJ lines and they do not have to do the assessment. Trauma team shouts everything and the CN does the charting. Very important part is the charting and the exact time of Trauma team arrival. When stabilized the pts are transported out of the trauma bay: either another part of the ED, OR or admitted to a room.
  7. AntonellaB

    intravenous diazepam

    That's right. Diazepam is not diluted in NS. It is given slowly IVP by itself. Then flush.
  8. Hello, Anyone familiar with the most affordable online FNP programs with high Board passing rates? It looks like a number of online Universities offer Nurse Practitioner programs but how many of them are not outrageously expensive and have a high Board passing rate? Good to know that before putting more money into a degree and further education. Thanks.
  9. AntonellaB

    Being a Patient Where you Work

    Absolutely. I've been a patient once, taken my younger child several times and my husband. I trust the doctors and nurses I work with. If I were to have any concerns or worries they will hear me.
  10. Hello, Anyone who could tell me more about Walden or Western Governor's University RN to BSN program? Which one to choose? I am still hesitant where to apply. Quite a bit of tuition difference. Thanks
  11. AntonellaB

    RN-MSN at Walden

    Hey everyone, Does someone have experience with RN-MSN program at Walden with Family Nurse Practitioner specialization? Anyone familiar what's the passing Board exam rate after completing FNP program at Walden? And the cost $$. How expensive is in comparison to other schools. Thanks.
  12. AntonellaB

    Would you marry a Doctor?

    No. Docs are flirts, majority of them. Quite a few get divorced and marry nurses. A lot of temptation there. Good luck to those who want to marry a Doc. Hopefully you could have a long lived marriage.
  13. AntonellaB

    Bathing Classmates and Other Personal Boundaries?

    Hello, In nursing fundamentals we had to give each other a bed bath. Later in the nursing program we had to give ourselves a shot in the vastus lateralis with Normal Saline and to each other in the gluteus. Everyone was a little nervous and excited at the same time, especially with the shots. But, that's how we all learn. At some point each one of us would be a patient for some reason somewhere.
  14. AntonellaB

    Socialized Medicine the myths and the facts

    Hello everyone, This is a very interesting subject. Does anyone know anything about the healthcare in Australia and New Zealand? I come from a country with socialized medicine (Eastern Europe and currently living in the USA). It might have not been the greatest but you still had access to healthcare and didn't get a bill. If you needed an emergency appendectomy you had it. We still had to pay for all prescription medications but for certain conditions there was a discount on medications or they were free. For years and years people pointed Sweden as the country with the "best" socialized healthcare system.
  15. Hello everyone, How does the new healthcare reform will affect nursing? Since there will be less reimbursement for services and less money to hospitals will hospitals cut back on nursing staffing? Does anyone know what's going to happen? If the times get so bad perhaps, it will be time to move to a country with already established universal healthcare and in need of more nurses. All answers are appreciated. Thanks and Happy New Year!
  16. Hello everyone, Has anyone attended South University RN-BSN online program? How was your experience? Thanks, AntonellaB