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Hello everyone,

Does someone attend Gardner-Webb University for an online nursing degree in Education? Could you tell me more about your experience? I compared MSN in Education at South University and Gardner-Webb University and found out that at Gardner the cost of the program is less and consists of less total credit hours. Both programs are accredited.



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I am the admissions counselor for the MSN program at Gardner-Webb, and can certify that it truly is an excellent program. We are accredited by SACS of course, as well as NLNAC. At NLNAC's last accreditation visit, they found that one of the online courses had over 14,000 communications in it, much higher than the national average. Tuition is $343/credit hour, or a total of $12,348 (tuition only). Many financial aid options are available, and many of our students receive the NC Nurse Scholars aid.

Our concentrations are Nursing Education and Nursing Administration, as well as an MSN/MBA option (also fully online). Should you choose one concentration but decide you would like experience in the other as well, you can take the remaining courses as part of a Post-Master's Certificate (looks great on a resume).

Let me know if I can send you some additional information. Thank you!


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Thanks for your reply. I have already contacted Gardner-Webb and received more info about the programs online. I just needed some feedback from other students about the online programs. Since I am an RN in SC how NC Nurse Scholars aid could apply to my case? I am planning to start classes in late December or January.




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Unfortunately, SC residents cannot receive the NCNS. I'm sorry! I'm not aware of any equivalent awards in SC either.

Our Spring semester will begin the second week in January. You can start the program Fall, Spring, or Summer.

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