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Devo19 has 9 years experience as a BSN and specializes in Surgical Intensive Care.

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  1. AIr Force Flight Nurse

    COT 8 weeks (when I went it was 5.5 weeks), Flight school (4 weeks), AEIQ (4 weeks), SERE (3 weeks when I went - I think it is shorter now) and water survival (2 days). Honestly, you can stay qualified as a flyer who just flies during the UTA w...
  2. AIr Force Flight Nurse

    I am! I commissioned May 2016 and become qualified July 2017. I'm at Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio but I live in Indiana. I work for the VA and they provide military leave (up to 120/year with no more than 240 rollover). It works out great. Our schedule...
  3. AIr Force Flight Nurse

    Yes, there is a chance to change AFSCs but you will need some critical care experience and a squadron that will accept you. When I joined (6/2016), I had to have 6 months of critical care experience and be able to pass my flight physical.
  4. AIr Force Flight Nurse

    Yes, depth perception is a requirement as well as dental exams. You might be able to get a waiver.
  5. VA NP Grade Determination?

    NPs have their own scale ... I went from a RN (Grade 2 Step 6) to the NP scale (Grade 2 Step 6) but I'm internal. There are proficiencies for NPs but it's hard to find
  6. Flight Nursing in Air Force Reserves

    Well, after the 10 months to 1 year of being on active duty orders, you still have to complete 15 days of AT (Active Training) days per year while completely the minimum of 2 hours every 90 days which won't keep you qualified. Many individuals had to...
  7. VA internal transfer

    There is a 6 month waiting period before you can transfer but I would ask HR about it to make sure.
  8. Flight Nursing in Air Force Reserves

    Congrats on the commission! I have been in since 2016 and I love it! Thank you for updating us on current COVID conditions in regards to training. I want to emphasize that the bonus will only start AFTER you are fully qualified as a flight nurse so f...
  9. Hi Devo19,

    I tried to send a PM but was unable to. I am a nursing student who want to eventually become a flight nurse. I have been looking into the Air Force and was hoping to get some advice from you on nursing in the Air Force. I am a little lost and have no idea where to start in order to one day be a Air Force Flight Nurse. 

    1. Devo19

      Devo19, BSN

      Hi! After obtaining your BSN, you will need a year of critical care experience before contacting a recruiter. The recruiter must be a healthcare recruiter since it is a specialized field.

  10. Aeromecial Evacuation

    This post should answer most of your questions...
  11. Flight Nursing in Air Force Reserves

  12. Flight Nursing in Air Force Reserves

  13. Flight Nursing in Air Force Reserves

    Deployments for flight nurses last only 4 months and it is a volunteer basis (at least at our squadron). Depends on where you deploy to but technology is pretty good so internet calling/FaceTime should be an issue. Yes, you will be placed on Active ...
  14. Flight Nursing in Air Force Reserves

    I am. Commissioned in 2016, qualified in 2017 and deployed currently. They have active-duty flight nurses but you can't only stay in that position for a limited time compared to the reserves which is a career choice.
  15. Flight Nursing in Air Force Reserves

    Oh it is the best job in the world! I wont ever leave lol. I just like to warn everyone is about the length of time you could be away from home. I was on orders for 10 months! And since I live more than 50 miles away, I had to stay on base.