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Devo19 has 4 years experience as a BSN.

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  1. Devo19

    Opinions: Online ARNP/CRNA

    My online FNP is great for me! I can still work full time on night shift and I travel a lot for the military (currently deployed).
  2. Devo19


    Congrats! What was your studying like? Was there a certain amount of material or time you study per day or week? Would you say two months of studying would prepare you? Thanks!
  3. Devo19


    Congrats! What was your studying like? Was there a certain amount of material or time you study per day or week? When did you start studying? I graduate in November 2020. Thanks!
  4. Devo19

    VA Nurse Residency

    I'm at the Indianapolis VA and there is an RN "transition to practice" (i.e. residency) program for new graduates (less than a year experience). We meet only once or twice a month (0730-1600). It was a nice break from the unit and you are able to shadow any nurse in the VA system (inpatient, outpatient, community, etc). It was a great experience to figure out what other nursing positions are out there and they helped prepare your performance review. There is a presentation at the end (evidence-based) but it is only to benefit your yearly review. If you plead your case, you can get out of it.
  5. Hey there! I tried to send you a PM, but it wouldn't let me.

    I started the process to join the Air Force Reserve as a flight nurse. I've gone through MEPS and had my interview. My recruiter contacted me today and told me that my grade calculation cam back and he started my scroll today. When I asked what a scroll was, he said "It's authorization for your commission into the Air Force Reserve".
    Would you be able to give me some insight on the scroll? Is it basically just the application to commission? That part usually takes pretty long correct? 

    Thanks in advance! :)

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    2. Devo19

      Devo19, BSN

      It is my first deployment but you can deploy as a flyer or in a non flying position also.

      First, oral health is important to your overall health so they are looking for cavities. You have to have less than two or you will be denied until it us fixed. Basically, air expands when you fly and if it gets in your tooth, it's painful! Google "oral health and flying" and it talks about also.

    3. JennieDavis

      JennieDavis, BSN, RN

      Ahh I see, that's the type of stuff you never think about on the ground!

      Well, fingers cross it's not too much longer to get things moving again, but I won't hold my breath😝


    4. jbar3

      jbar3, BSN


      My total commissioning process was about a year and I've heard its been longer!

      I've been in three years and flying two years. I'm currently deployed. I love flying! It's different from my civilian job and there are so many benefits and training opportunities that the military provides. Training is extensive and I'm gone like two weekends a month for drill and flying.

      Hi guys! Sorry i've really been looking into more information about flight nursing as my recruiter does not give me a lot of info but I'm really interested and I feel like every time I talk to my recruiter I can never ask enough questions. 

      How long are deployments (Devo19), my recruiter told me they vary but on the average, is it one month? one week? What is it? Just curious. I'm excited for all the training ahead and I can't wait. 

      JennieDavis where are you in the process? I'd like to connect with you guys if possible! I am unable to start private conversations as I guess I am new to this website. Any feedback and response would be greatly appreciated! 

      Thank you!

  6. Devo19

    Flight Nursing in Air Force Reserves

    Yes, they are wrong. All commissioned officer have rank and attend drill AND get paid prior to COT. I was commissioned in May...attended drill in July ... Went to COT in October....got paid as my rank
  7. Devo19

    Flight Nursing in Air Force Reserves

    What...they told you that you CAN'T get paid at your rank because you haven't been to COT? That's bogus! You are a commissioned officer! You should attend every drill until you go to COT....I would still go AND get paid as your rank.
  8. Devo19

    Flight Nursing in Air Force Reserves

    SERE is 3 weeks long. I think what they are talking about is ECAC which is a short SERE but Reservist will go to the 3-week course. I'm not sure if they even do ECAC anymore for reservists. We had a tech become a flight nurse and he originally did ECAC and had to go back to do SERE.
  9. Devo19

    Flight Nursing in Air Force Reserves

    Flight School and AEIQ are Monday - Friday 0730 to 1600ish...when you start "flying" in the C17 & C130 that are at the school, it can be longer (get out at 1700 SERE is an amazing experience and the best training you will get but you embrace the suck... COT is eventually going to 8 weeks but not sure when...
  10. And flight nurses: $20,000/3 years (retention bonus)