Emergancy medicine burnout! HELP!

  1. I am en EMT with a very busy city ground based ambulance company. We do lots of GSW'a, MVa's and truama. As well as the usual drunks and happy go lucky regulars. But recently I have been slamed with trauma. I am sick of how parents allow kids to get injuried. I am BURNED OUT. DO you have any thought on how to get better! THANks!!
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  3. by   renerian
    I really don't..................I have stopped at several horrible kid vs dashboards lately............................parents who don't buckle their kids...........

    I have never done your job but I bet it is very stressful...........got any vaca time coming up????? How long have you been doing it?

  4. by   Coldfoot
    I was getting burned out while I was working as a Medic in Denver, not so much on just the trauma but on the system abuse and I kinda felt like I was stagnating. I ended up getting a CCT job that really sparked the interest to learn more. Try finding something that challenges you. Maybe part time tech work in an ICU or ER with a heavy Medical load or try to get some "clinical" time in a specialty area. Good luck
  5. by   Ratnikal
    burnout.......guess since you are in a big city, you don't work 24's...so can't say switch to 12 hr shifts....hmmm......me thinks you need to come to FL, go to the beach and drink beer....or...get a new job in another setting....ever want to go offshore? they will hire emt's....more jobs for paramedic's though....just need your national registry.....

    i have worked ems since 87 and i don't enjoy it too much anymore, i only work one 24 hr shift a week, go to nursing school 4 days a week....i am ready for a change, too.

    hey coldfoot...what is alaska like?
  6. by   TraumaNurse
    As a regular trauma junky, I know what you are going through with those feelings of burn out. Sometimes you just need to get away for a while and remember why you do it.
    The other suggestion I have is to do something to try and change the way those idiots out there act....maybe help withcommunity education on the importance of keeping kids in child seats. Some people are just plain stupid, but there are a few that may just not know and will change their behaviour when educated.
    Finally, if you are truely burnt out. Get out!
    Hope this helps.
  7. by   l.rae
    l am just barely able to see glimmers of light at the end of the tunnell myself....l am ER nurse too, and the stress is monumental, and l still can't seem to break the habit....just coming to what l hope is the end of one of the longest darkest periods of burn-out l have ever exp.....l fantasized about changing jobs, tracked down leads, even went on an interview for a job l KNEW l didn't want....when l did that l was forced to consider all the reasons l might want to stay at present job....also a lot of stressors at home now, outside issues can cloud your outlook too. l decided to ride it out, do a lot of pleasure reading, connect with family, friends, meditation and prayer helps too....can't say l have recovered......l keep looking for other things,,,,,try to keep perspective. My mom always says the pendulum swings....and it does......good luck and hope you feel better soon.......LR
  8. by   paranurse
    Hang in there my friend. Suggest you lokk at these alternatives:
    international aid work
    specilization in your field
    advanced certification
    teaching in your field
    teaching kids(any age) community programs. You'd be amazed what kids can teadh their parents!

    I understand your dilemma. I retired from military after 18 years as a Rescue Specialist. I miss the job every day, I left because of the pencil-pushing and BS. As a senior member, I was exploited and that was okay, but my troops started to suffer as well. I couldn't stand by and let it happen. Martyrdom and retirement. I still look forward going towork now ER/ICU/Flight, hope it lasts.

    Keep reaching for something, you might not know what it is till you grab it.
  9. by   bpems546
    I am an EMT as well... I have been in 8 years... I work two EMT jobs and I am in Paramedic school... If you find a way out of BURNOUT, please share!! I quit drinking, smoking, and I try not to eat the typical "EMS diet" of Caffine and Sugar, but we all know how hard that is... but I am still chomping at the bit to get out of EMS... but deep down I know I will regret it later...
  10. by   KatieBell
    After three years in the ED, I thought I had had it, so I took a part time job in a surgical clinic. By about 2 months, Ii was sooo ready to go back to trauma.
    Sometimes a slower pace clears the head a bit....

    I did international aid work- it is actually more stress- due to poor conditions, difficult scenarios, and complexities with supply chain that one doesn't encounter in the US. I'd put that on the bottom of the list, unless you mean to go on a 2 week trip and hand out asa.
  11. by   Divern808
    Hello All, I'm new to the site,knew you were all out there(I could hear you breathing).:-) Regarding ED/Trauma Burnout, been there , done that, got the T-Shirt. I'm just returning to the ED after a year break working in the private sector, (Home Health for at risk Peds)I've been in the ED for 17 years , with a stint in CVICU and PACU, did it for the training and the unique slant on Critical Care Nursing,which is after all what we do. After dealing with the "Cost-cutters" in the private sector I have decided to stop trying to re-invent myself. I'm a Trauma Nurse, thats what I do, yes, it is frustrating, stressful, but I trained hard and long for the certifications I have achieved, and the peer recognition.To all that are facing burnout,take a break , but keep up with the innovations, training ,look at your new area with the idea of coming back when the batteries are recharged, armed with new slants on how you can do your calling... and thats what it is, otherwise everyone would be doing it.... again , Hello to all , see ya on the front lines... "ED staff, We do it ,better faster with less help, than humanly possible".PS. I didnt forget the Pre-Hospital Monsters, thats where I started.:chuckle
  12. by   hbncns35
    Check Out - Google this: Compassion Fatigue - The DX Fits....
  13. by   vidorfire249
    I think sometimes we have just had enough. Its probably not the kids, its probably that you mentally need a break from ALL of it.