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wanting to hear from you first year nurses about what you carry in your pockets and why, what could you not live without. I know I need a good watch, stethescope, hemastats, ............what else?... Read More

  1. by   UM Review RN
    Quote from JRD2002
    I keep 5 pens (all identical only 1 works), 2 packs of post it notes, stethoscope, otoscope, scissors, scalpal, wrist watch, wrist restraints, abdominal binder, 1 adult diaper (never know when your too busy to go to the restroom), stapler, thermometer, an assortment of iv fluids, glucose monitor, penlight, mag-lite, 6 of my favorite books from nursing school, and my clinical instructor from my last semester. I also hook all of my patients charts on carabiners around my waist and strap a portable toilet to my back...gives new meaning to johnny on the spot...

    Ah, I see you're wearing Aviator scrubs.

  2. by   kelly75
    i am nervous about getting start my first semester in the Accelarated BSN program
  3. by   allthingsbright
    i work L&D and lately i have had pts who could go bad at any time, so i always have an extra pair of gloves in my pocket in case a baby comes flying out into my hands. hey, it happens. other stuff:

    one of those four colored click pens (LOVE THEM!!!)
    alcohol, cotton (messy), bandaids
    hub for blood draws (i use a new one each time but always have an extra in case i forget it)
    butterfly needle
    my 'brain"
    reflex hammer
    couple bucks for the soda machine
    ponytail holder

    sometimes i carry (but usually just leave in my bag):
    a hemostat
    a penlight
    pocket drug guide
    my cell phone

    i hang my tiny pair of scissors off my badge so i can get to them fast and dont lose them. my scope goes around my neck.

    great thread!
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  4. by   allthingsbright
    oh, and i forgot--i hang my tape off my scope--ya know, i can NEVER find tape if i dont have it on me!!! where does it go??? tape gremlins?