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HI, I took the NCLEX yesterday and think I failed. The computer stopped at 105 or 106 questions and I felt it was pretty hard. I came home and looked up some of the "easy" questions I remembered and... Read More

  1. by   KAYBDT6
    Pass with minimum question
  2. by   2bNurse4life4ever
    Quote from KAYBDT6
    Pass with minimum question
  3. by   Colo9740
    75 and passed
  4. by   veeeeejj11
    hello there!! I'm new here!! just wanna share my experience.
    i took the Nclex-rn exam just this morning AUG 6, 09 at Gardena, CA.
    my computer shuts off at 138. and finished it for 3.5hours. now I'm worried that i did not do good with the exam.
    the computer kept throwing medication questions at me!! I had about 15 meds!! with different style of questions! there was Select all that apply questions for a one single drug, and many more! i also had SIX select all that apply questions, and one drug computation! most of my questions were on prioritization and delegation! and infection control, i also had uhmm what to include in the NCP of a certain disease, i got one herbal med question, no maternity question thank goodness, and a couple of growth and development questions!!!

    I'm really worried!! I can't sleep well tonight that is why I'm sharing my story!! i hope i nailed the exam!! the results will take about 2-3 weeks i think!! help me ease my burden! anyone?!!! waaaaaaaaaaahhhh i don't know what to do!!! i
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  5. by   EmilyLucille523
    Minimum 75 questions. Took about 1 & 1/2. Passed (YEAH!)
  6. by   jo716
    i passed with between 110-120 questions, in 1hr 45min. I was more aware of my time than the number of questions since i knew that pacing myself was more important than the actual number of questions (which you really have no control over)
  7. by   lei7
    Took it August 4th, passed with 75 questions, about an hour and 15 minutes.
  8. by   blkaffana
    My hubby passed with 75, but remember that 80% of new grads pass the first time taking it.
  9. by   tabswifeRN
    I passed with 123 question. took it aug 10th.
  10. by   2bNurse4life4ever
    i passed with 75 questions, took me an hour and fifteen minutes to do, but left thinking that i failed and crying my eyes out ..lol thank God this exam is behind me!!!!!!!!!
  11. by   fernaRN09
    You'll be fine. I wish that I had been prepared for how I'd feel after the screen shuts off. I had 76 questions and it shut off after 1.5hrs. You passed. you are fine.
  12. by   cmercadorn
    I don't think it matters how many questions. When my computer turned off at 75 questions I freaked out and wanted to continue I thought I had failed. Needless to say I was well prepared by my school and passed it.
  13. by   Bug Out
    March 75 questions, 70 minutes including the 10 to 15 minutes of having the test explained to me and how to use a mouse and keyboard