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HI, I took the NCLEX yesterday and think I failed. The computer stopped at 105 or 106 questions and I felt it was pretty hard. I came home and looked up some of the "easy" questions I remembered and... Read More

  1. by   karma482

    i took my exam in july of 2007, and passed with 80 questions. i was convinced that i failed for 2 days, but i didn't. don't get too caught up in the numbers too much. i have a friend who passed with 200 q's!
  2. by   NICURN04
    I passed with 75questions...NCLEX is the most horrify test that I have ever taken...so glad that its all over with!
  3. by   margo2007
    I took the NCLEX today and I didn't want it to shut off but it did at 75. I am so freaked out! How does one stay sane waiting. I am trying to keep my mind busy but it's so hard. I can't believe it comes down to one test. Any helpful advice or positive thoughts I could sure use it now!
  4. by   valkyria
    [font=lucida sans unicode]look, you are going to drive yourself nuts secondguessing and worrying. do not ask anyone what number they had when the machine shuts off. the machine goes until it is safe, with statistical certainty, that you have basic knowledge to indicate bare minimum safe practice. that is all. also, some people are better test takers than others. also, do not think that if you failed, you will never be a nurse and your life is over. you drop back, cry, regroup and go forward again. you look back at your study habits the last time and evaluate for what you could have done better. remember, more studying is not necessarily better studying. there comes a point of diminishing returns when your brain will not process and retain any more information. that is a fact. the information gained over a short time in a cram session or whatever you may call it now, does not make the change to long term memory. you do not internalize information that you stuff into your mind. but, remember this too, this is one test for all levels of education, from the certificate to diploma to degree(asn, bsn,msn) they all take the same test. so, chances are the machine just wanted to make sure that you were adequate to practice. realize, stress levels are very high, off the charts, you are under the eye of the camera and the proctor, you are cold/hot, tired, hungry, have a headache, etc. there is alot going on and the folks that developed the test, supposedly, took that into account when scoring the exam via the computer. do not second guess yourself. for me, i know it was the longest three days of my life waiting to see the score. my professors told me that they had to go to the capital city of their state and write for 2 days and wait for a month to find out. so, things could be worse. it will be okay, either way, you will survive and go on. write us when you pass.
  5. by   iToniai
    I stopped somewhere between 105-115, I barely had any priority questions. I had about 4-5 SATA, 3 meds, 4 calculations. I felt my test was more content based than anything else. I also passed!!!
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  6. by   Dad-2-3
    I passed with 75 questions. 12 SATA, 3 med calc questions, and lots of pioritization.
  7. by   SillyStudent
    Passed with 75 questions, 5 SATA, 2 meds, lots of Inf control, peds, prioritization.

    Found out like 3 hours ago
  8. by   roseuh
    i passed with 75 questions (1st try)
  9. by   margo2007
    My internet has been down so I haven't been able to post until now! I passed!
  10. by   BwayDani
    I passed with 135!
  11. by   ndasunshine
    Well today I took my NclexPN......it shut off at 85 questions.....so wish me luck.....congrats to you all on your pass.....wooooo hooooooo!!!!!
  12. by   chase4myheart
    I passed the NCLEX with 75 questions. When it shut off, my mouth fell open. I wanted more questions. I was convinced that I had done very bad or very good. Thankfully, it was the latter and I will have been a nurse for a year this June. I know the waiting is horrible for all of the ones that have just taken the test. Stay positive. It can be done. I'm proof of that.
  13. by   clomicka
    I just came home from taking my nclex rn this am. The machine shut off after 94 questions. I have 21 SATA, I was feeling sick at that point only 4 math calcs and lot's of GI and priority question. Hope to hear good news in a couple of days.

    BTW I failed my first test going the distance at 265 and when I got my paperwork had only psychosocial category that I fell below level...so I hope it's good news.

    Thanks for all the input.