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  1. Leng27RN,BSN

    Called Off for Low Census!!!

    On our facility cancellation do not have rotation, if you are the less senior you are the 1st one to be cancelled and floated.......which I do not like at all, and seems to be unfair. Does not matter if you are full time or part time, if the part time people are more senior than you, you get to be cancelled even if you are full time, this is a unionized hospital!. As a new grad how are you going to learn and earn money as well!
  2. Leng27RN,BSN

    Floating as a new grad advise

    Hi, I am just on my 4th month of being off orientation and being by myself as an RN ans I already started to float to med surg areas. I like it because I get to learn new things and meet new people. But the hardest part is not being familiar with the protocols and certain procedures on that floor. I tend to ask a lot of questions whenever I am not sure of things, but it is so hard to ask someone you just met that day questions because they might be annoyed or something, unlike if you are on your regular floor where you know most of the people and you really get a lot of support unlike on other floors you float at. Help!!!!!!
  3. Leng27RN,BSN

    Working as a new nurse with less seniority..Help!!!!!!!!!!

    However, most of the nurses said that it usually gets low on summer and it picks up too. Our floor is so unpredictable it gets low today and later we would be full again like in a day the floor woule be full. There are times when our ER, ICU, and Tele would be not busy too so the census are low this time on summer. I just feels like new people on the job gets to be cancelled and that is sad. If they would make it "take turns" when being cancelled I would feels sad when I am already a senior and have been working there for more than 10Yrs.
  4. Leng27RN,BSN

    Working as a new nurse with less seniority..Help!!!!!!!!!!

    Yeah, they experienced the same thing here on this hospital and on other hospital they worked for.
  5. Leng27RN,BSN

    Working as a new nurse with less seniority..Help!!!!!!!!!!

    I think they already raised that during the union meeting but no change, i feel so sad about that... I just have to accept that fact i guess...and the longer i stay the higher my seniority becomes.
  6. Does anyone have suggestions about websites, magazines, books or articles that you can access or use to keep your self updated with what is going on with field of nursing or medicine? I have the nursing 2007 magazines, and i know that AJN journals are great too. Thanks
  7. Leng27RN,BSN

    Working as a new nurse with less seniority..Help!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you so much for all the replies. I am really okay with floating rather than be cancelled. I guess that comes with work and as my other co workers said they have experienced the same thing when they were new and as their seniority went up, they were never cancelled as much as before. I love nursing!!!! It is hard work but a definitely great and fulfilling job.
  8. Hi everyone, I am a new grad and has anyone experience of being called from work saying that your shift is cancel because of low patient census? That is kind of sad you know, because you want to learn and work, and as a less senior nurse you get to experience that. Some of my coworkers said that they had the same experience when they started like not only work being cancelled but also a lot of floating and now they have been working for 15+++ years. Also, in our unit Med/Surg, our census is unpredictable, low census now but an hour later it would be full again on our unit. Also, our manager tries to schedule as many nurses in one shift which they dont need and as a result the new nurses end up being cancelled. It is just sad. Being cancelled and floated to other unit. Is that the same with other hospitals or facility? Any advise........ Thanks
  9. Hi, I would like to ask what would be a great specialty to take for grad school. I am just a new grad. I am thinking of taking either nurse practitioner, clinical nurse specialist, or nurse anesthetist. Does anyone of you have any input on each of these specialty, seems that I want to take all of them ...I want to hear anyone's input on this. Thank you!
  10. Leng27RN,BSN

    What # of questions did u pass the NCLEX with?

    I just took the nclex-rn last week and found out that i passed with 75 questions 2 days after. I walked out of the testing center thinking that I did not pass because it was a very hard test, nothing I have ever seen before. When I looked up my name online, I cried very hard when i found out i passed. I totally did not expect it. Most of my classmates felt the same way and everyone seems to be passing the boards so far. I wish everyone taking the boards or who took it and waiting for the results to believe in your self and pray very hard. I wish everyone the best.
  11. Leng27RN,BSN

    chronic renal insufficiency VS chronic kidney disease

    Thank you so much for giving your opinion, i'll try to look it up some more, it was just for my mini care plan, and i was just wondering about it just in case i encounter the same thing on my "real big" care plan. Thanks again.
  12. Is chronic renal insufficiency the same as chronic kidney disease? I was kind of confused. Thank you.
  13. Leng27RN,BSN

    Sepsis Medical Treatment

    Hi, does anyone had a patient with sepsis and remember what medical treatment the doctor orders except medicines and besides fluid resuscitation, antibiotics, steroid therapy, and other medicines for sepsis? Thanks
  14. Leng27RN,BSN

    Urosepsis Resources Help!

    Hi, i already searched the database and found a lot of info about sepsis, and i just needed the right keywords :chuckle. Augigi, I emailed you some info you are asking. Again thanks for all your help. I just needed enough info to gather so its easier for me to do the careplan. Thanks for sharing all the websites and resources you guys know, thanks.
  15. Leng27RN,BSN

    Urosepsis Resources Help!

    Hi, this is for my careplan and i am tying to look for treatment, and also the drugs used and anything that would help me with the careplan. I found a website "emedicine" it talked about sepsis, bacterial. It seems that its hard to find info about just "sepsis" and not severe. I have to do a careplan and my instructor gave me lab values to also figure out what meds are to be used. Is there any resource specific to urosepsis or just sepsis. my intstructor told me to use "sepsis" as the primary diagnosis. Thanks.