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Stupid question, but no one ever addressed this in nursing school... I have a BSN only. How do I document after signing my name?...would it be "RN, BSN" or just "BSN". Some "experienced" RN's have... Read More

  1. by   NeoNurseTX
    I'm a BSN and work with a lot and have only seen people sign RN on documentation...or RN-C.
  2. by   SummerGarden
    not to be rude, but i noticed that people who ask this question are usually students who have no idea how many times he/she will be signing documents throughout a shift. i think once they start signing off on documents they will no longer asdk this quesiton.

    the only time i ever see anything other then rn behind a nurse's signature is when he/she is giving a presentation or writing a document for training purposes. therefore, all day long the bsns, msns, mbas, etc write j.doe, rn. nothing more and nothing else! even the docs and other professionals sign license information. i never ever see degrees behind their names either. this makes sense, right????

    when you read notes, do you care about degrees??? no, you want to know the professional who signed off. sometimes all i can read (or care to see) is md.. the rest of the signature is garble-goop anyway.
  3. by   jomoholono
    i just write my name. i don't place anything after my name. my nurse manager said that that is OK to do because an RN giving care is an expectation. what i don't understand is when an RN puts those initials after everything and anything. i don't get it. where i work, the doctors usually just write their name as well. if it works for them, then it works for me!

    i strongly agree with the person who posted above this! nurses have to sign their name on so many different pieces of paper to the point of being outright annoying. i think it's a waste of time for someone to write Jane Doe, BSN, RN, mother, caregiver, documenter, astrophysicist, wonder woman, etc after their name (unless you're giving a powerpoint/presentation)
  4. by   Havin' A Party!
    Quote from jomoholono
    ... Jane Doe, BSN, RN, mother, caregiver, documenter, astrophysicist, wonder woman...
    Forgot to add: counselor, advocate, dishwasher, waitress, PR person, paper girl/boy, cook, supervisor, educator, case manager, floor cleaner, bed-maker, family go-between...

    But as implied previously, don't all those other duties and initials truly become redundant after we sign... "RN."
  5. by   cjcsoon2bnp
    I'm not sure what everyone else does but I was always told by some nurses that I work with..

    If your doing charting or something like that which doesn't specifically require you to show your educational history then John Doe, RN is sufficient. If your signing any kind of formal documents, showing your qualifications as a nurse or are making a public or educational presentation then you should list your name with any degrees, licenses and certifications i.e. John Doe BSN - RN, CEN.